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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse- Dont Give THE SYSTEM Any Satisfaction

It was bound to happen. People try so hard to tell others what to do and that nonsense about the dead-at-30-club bullshit. Some people simply cannot be saved. There is nothing more or less tragic about this than in any other disaster involving death. Addicts describe addiction as a "disease" in 12 step meetings. The reason for this is that yes, often people die as if it were a terminal illness and humans need to name things so they can understand them and fix or fight them.

Addiction is not however an actual 'disease'. This is simply part of NA's loaded language that gives addiction something to hold onto while slowly gaining the tools they need to battle addiction. I used it and it works well in the beginning.

Later however as we grow some addicts are not satisfied with that answer. Addiction is a very complex set of circumstances, many of which society would rather not deal with thus gray areas or vagueness suits this situation much better than investigation.

Internal programming, ritual abuse and cult mind control traumas are very much a part of many hard core addicts make up. In fact within programming, drug addiction is an actual part of the person's blue print thus keeping them drugged and under control or eventually driving them to death- conveniently. Since mind controlled slaves serve multi purposes yet have only a one dimensional front to the public, it would be VERY inconvenient for such a person, especially one with fame as a mouth piece and cred, to start naming faces, places and memories etc. Drug addiction is simply another part of the unhappy lives of mind controlled slaves in many instances.

Aside from that specific area I deal with, non programmed persons can suffer similar addictions from genetic pre disposition to addiction, traumas that they wont or cant face that make them hurt inside or very unhappy. Whats most sad about this is that when one is younger, those feelings destroy the body. If we can make it to an older age, just hang on until then, age, time and wisdom seem to guarantee a long life for the remainder. Something about youth, especially before 30, makes death very very easy. Many people are simply not conscious of themselves as human beings.

There is this second adolescence that no one tells us about. Perhaps it just happens to creative people or the kind of people who seem to take a long time to grow up the way 'normal' people do. In your early 30's life becomes extremely confusing and you leave your twenties not understanding what is going on with your body changing, and everything else for that matter.

I cant say what her situation was. Beautiful, a true talent not this crap coming out today- its possible she was programmed but it might just be extreme jealousy coupled with this insane drive to destroy anyone who stands out and is truly talented. The corporations need 'sameness' to control how they make profits. Craft isnt allowed anymore. Her music and her voice were a bit reminiscent of the 60's or something from America's much greater past that might have been a threat to begin with but also she was one of those people who stands out. The world nowadays is full of people who cant mind their own business and the system trying to create world wide enslavement of mankind encourages these bastards and even pays them if its about directly targeting someone, to judge, hate on, be jealous of and destroy special people. Its as if being special is not allowed. True talent is an immense threat.

So its hard to say if her own personal shit just got to her or if it was that and being hated on or even targeted. If she was an asset of any kind and programmed- sadly this ending and its timing are quite normal.

I think the powers that be are deathly afraid of artists growing old. Getting thier shit together and getting wise.

Whatever the reality of her life was the worst part about this is not in her death but how we simply couldn't enjoy her presence more when she was alive. So many people trying to 'help' by being judgmental bastards. The public is a lynch mob and very passive aggressive about thier jealousy nowadays which they can hide behind judging people. Then when they have 'helped' the person to death by harping on them and not letting up and making thier situation worse they act like it was inevitable as well as secretly- the little murderers gloat with pride over the death they caused.

Besides I have seen the music industry a bit and they whore off absolute gods on earth and handle them, control them and destroy them when convenient. Artists are often also psychic with other talents as well. This system knows that these are the potential Titans of the earth or at least the wise elders in some respect and they keep people in line accordingly.

I know one thing for sure. Whatever was wrong with her that made her need drugs to feel normal was not being investigated hard enough by the world she was in. What causes us to feel so so badly in this way?

When you answer that HONESTLY, then you can have smug attitude towards dying addicts.
I love the era we live in. There is this inverse romanticizing of people's deaths...but its still a romanticizing of it its just real negative.


Anonymous said...

I saw Winehouse's last performance in June (YouTube), where she was booed off the stage, and she was far too incoherent to perform. Seems like her downhill slide into oblivion was complete there. There she was coming unglued right before the public eye, and I'm sure some "people" were loving every minute of it. More cheap drama for the consumption of the public.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I wanted to add the NWO is just one giant HATER, comprised of other haters who all think alike, hating the same target, and also people who can't seem to mind their own business. NWO: HATERS.

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself...why does someone like Katy Perry THRIVE and Amy Winehouse never did? THAT IS THE FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH RIGHT THERE IN THAT COMPARRISON between one who is a whore for the system and one who is NOT. Amy was a target and her handlers KNEW she had no business continuing tours in the shape she was in. They got her to hate herself, it's what they do best to creative women.