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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harassed By Construction Grunt Workers in Airport

Someone please tell the lowlifes construction union scum who are here in the airport simply to do some grunt work as they do, explain to them how usually gang stalking in an overt obnoxious manner at the airport is a no no. Only with Christine was I ever I harassed here in a definitive gang stalking manner and only in a specific terminal one she usually stayed in which I don't. (By the way she magically got inheritance money and doesn't constantly terrorize people anymore with activism I think she's trying to buy an RV or some property. This came after she for me in her clutches for a month or so and also caused drama and for me to flip out in public. )

I could tell by how I was just harassed that these scum are not regular workers here. Becuz no one here usually pulls any gs nonsense at night anyway.

Christine explained that the people who can get jobs at the airport have to be higher quality people with a better background check due to the stringent security measures nowadays. Mostly I have found this theory to be true. Also even though there are state police present I was only harassed once with Christine months so on the lower floor of her regular terminal and it was next to some union office and union is never a good thing dealing with g.s.

It feels like one is dealing more with the feds and they are simply more responsible. The fact this was done by local townie shits allowed into the airport for grunt work simply backs my theory that this is more a network of organized crime even though govt may be involved on some level.

Its funny you can tell they aren't normal to this civilized environment becuz they are very LOUD when walking through the terminal and nosy also. The idiot who messed with me saw me sleeping and decided clapping loudly while walking by was a great idea. Like "get up!". Gee WHY WOULD HE DO THAT IF I WAS JUST ANOTHER PASSENGER WAITING FOR MY FLIGHT TO COME IN? Obviously they knew who I was. Also the way it was done was harassment like after the event the guy walking behind him makes sure he pretends nothing just happened.

If there is one thing that is unmistakable about gang stalking its the childish hatred and intent coming from the perps.

Perhaps an accident will occur and they will have problems..legal ones. I could get near the construction area. Accidents do happen. Isn't that what these scums backers the mob used to use to threaten people? 'You might have union problems if u don't cooperate'. The more I am toyed with and kept awake by these u civilized animals the more time I have to document film blog and think of any other way I can to defend myself.

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