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Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Massacre / Did He Have Time To Also Do Bombing?

Uhh. I have obviously been sick and out of it, walking around Boston and Cambridge whimpering with a fever and stomach flu.

First I find out about the government shut down now I read Norway of all places getting a bombing in the govt center then a massacre on that island of kids. When did this happen, like within this week? It seems so. Odd I was so so sick, sicker than in the last ten years all during this week or two.

What doesnt make any sense, and I know this is going to be unpopular but what do I say that isnt? Its the truth- if he was pissed off with his country being invaded by Muslims, which he and other Scandianavians have good reason to be with all the underage rapes and other crap they are pulling, why didnt he go destroy a Muslim neighborhood somewhere. It would have sent a much clearer message AND been alot more productive towards his ideology. All he's done now is created a reason to safeguard against anyone who like him doesnt agree with forced Diversity taking in people from destructive, wartorn cultures who bring thier aggressions, diseases and extremist beliefs with them. Which only WORKS IN FAVOR OF PROTECTING DIVERSITY NOT ENDING IT or at least forcing people to see that tolerating violent extremist sexist jerks is NOT Diversity but martyrdom.

No one should be killing anyone to get a point across. It only works in favor of the oppressors. Just recently a Vietnamese guy pulled a nutter and killed his ex and kids etc then himself. Its happening alot..or at least we are aware of such things moreso nowadays.

What needs to be done is get the point across strongly that Diversity should not consist of forcing any other class, race, country, culture or any demographic to have to live under duress due to the personal or cultural unrest of the new peoples introduced into said demographics territories. THAT is what isnt being done. Allowing Muslims to commit underage rapes and letting them into your country to enjoy citizenship is just as insane as what he did. But the purveyors of the NWO deceptions want Diversity that is damaging, destructive and humiliating protected. People feel out of control in thier own neighborhoods.

If you never lived among an angry damaged people you dont understand. Most people who support this kind of Diversity are either brainwashed, subdued and in submission or get to go home and not have to live among them. People should not have to demean themselves so others can immigrate to thier countries or like here, destroy poor white culture. I suppose Italians were recieved the same way and hey, in the USA they caused problems and organized crime to flourish. I suppose it is the same thing. The Muslims seem totally out of control however.

Its obvious that events like this come from manipulation of the lone shooter. In this instance I am very upset with his connection to Masonry, claiming any Templar philosophy and even wearing brown and black in those pictures which I wont get into now but is significant. The most compelling thing is his photos from the past and the way he looked in the last photos on his recently opened twitter and facebook. He LOOKS like a man possessed by something. Changed from his former peaceful self. Then again his other pics look like someone hiding who he really is to begin with.

I know from personal experience that people cannot change like that without some help from this system that spreads chaos, torture, death and violence. The fact he took care of people who were bullied when younger is significant as well- I wonder if he had recieved alot of bullying- like organized stalking and harassment psy ops type bullying. Which along with other factors will turn someone into what he became.
Singular individuals do NOT do things like this without some sort of help..and I dont mean direct accomplices. I mean this system of constant brainwashing that shapes and transforms a person into something so foreign, so unrecognizable. I didnt know the guy..and in that culture I am sure its easy to hide any issues you might have if you are reputable with any kind of money.

The only thing I can say about the Templars is that they wouldnt want anyone going around killing anyone that helpless in a massacre especially young people. What is this going on in the world right now, with many people waking up to a spiritual connection to Templars in some way and the Muslim world?

Also what makes no sense is his connection to right wing extremists. They dont exactly embrace Templars. In Norway you've got Nazis and even black metal bands with Nazi sympathies. And they never tell us what documented proof there is of these connections, just claim he has them. At least there are pics of him in a Mason's apron, which puts more suspicion on that faction or its more secretive sides than phantom right wing extremist groups. I didnt really dig alot into research but what connections? It sounds like more martyrdom to make sympathy for forced Diversity of really shitty, sexist extremist cultures. Yet there is a difference between demanding your country not tolerate ABUSE and snapping to a point where you become the Lone Shooter.

What forces a person to go this far? One reason is that there IS no recourse against the abuse that certain cultures are bringing with them as they immigrate. People feel helpless and not everyone is going to be submissive to abuse and destruction of thier culture. When you have young Muslim males showing thier respect for Norway by doing underage rapes and no one is doing anything significant to stop that, a man especially might tend to feel a sense of outrage. Yet shooting the very same young people as Muslims are victimizing makes little sense.

I say this guy was programmed, pushed into this. It has all the hallmarks of it. What is the most chilling thing for me, due to my position in whats gone on in the world thus far and from what I know about this personally is the one photo of him where he looks especially crazy. His eyes aflame with that look: going out in a blaze of glory look. Its not that look that is frightening- if you look at that photo for a moment you will notice that his collar is raised. There is a shadow on the back of his blonde head, it almost looks like the Yamaka type hat monks or Bishops used to wear in antiquity. This hat effect along with the raised collar and the whole pose makes him look like a monk or religious figure out of a history book. THAT is what is so frightening for me.

Whoever is doing this is manipulating people into these acts. And I dont think that killing human beings is productive unless its a declared war and you are a soldier..killing innocents is never acceptable.

The kind of person that WIKI has his peers describing is someone who has been programmed then tormented all their lives. Programmed people have to have big egos- to survive. And getting irritated with certain cultures or specific demographics is due to being gang stalked constantly so that you WILL become sensitized to that type of person and become agitated easily. I am sure there is miles of footage and plenty of eye witnesses to testify to my using the N-bomb every day here in Boston and Cambridge and in So Cal. And I am sure that if framed up or whatever they do if you WONT snap, that can be used against me. Its the exact same formula they have used on me for years. And even as I write this, there are people who are going to try to use even THIS BLOG against me. 'oh see she also suffered from the same delusions' blah blah blah. You come after me and I will sing so loud about rich clients that no one will listen to slander against me. Perhaps they would like to know why I became homeless to begin with? I am lucky I have dirt on people that could still do damage all these years later.

But each one of the victims of this exact system that seems to treat its victims very similarly, eventually gets framed or snaps. Luckily for the women, it often seems to be the men who really lose it. I was told i 'got friends' so perhaps I was spared. Maybe its against some rule to really go after the women so much so..I dont know.

All I know is that Satanic factions connected to the military are usually behind causing such people to snap. And nowadays it seems that Zionists, Muslims, Satanic factions and alot of other groups all want the same thing: death, destruction, chaos, shootings, violence, misery and the eventual enslavement of mankind. I cant understand it.

Notice his early breakup of his parents. Note the constant shifting about of family. The instability. Note also the inevitable member of THE MILITARY in his immediate family. Its like a godamn formula by now with every one of us who experiences this system trying to make us snap.

Mind control, brain washing. Programming. RA involvement. And Norway has an extremely nasty Satanic Nazi population that are claimed to be connected into Aquino and from there you know the rest.

The result of this is going to be the militarization of Norway. Goodie, more military industrial complex $$$$. Seeing patterns yet? Its so predictable by now its boring. More lock downs, no more free or peaceful places where you can camp or go about life freely. ON THE ENTIRE EARTH, left for any of us to escape to. No place to dream about getting to one day- just a prison all over the earth under the guise of 'security'.

By the way, what evidence do they have besides claiming there were undetinated bombs on the island, that he was the one who did the bombing as well. Did he actually have time after the mainland bombing to get geared up and go out to that island? It seems a bit to convenient. ONE guy did all that? Now Islam extremists are taking cred for it..which is amazing that a guy who hated them so much seemed to have the same massacre schedule as they.

Its getting ridiculous what goes on that the public will believe without question becuz they are being terrorized with all this not understanding how it works and is pulled off.


Medawar said...

The whole of Breivik's Manifesto is a diversion, as the bomb was.

There was a scandal involving one of the children on the island of Utoya in the mid nineties, and the gunman's father was a fairly influential member of the Labour Party, which ran the summer camps there. (The island used to belong to a Labour Prime Minister).

There was a current affairs report on British TV at the time, and one of the teenagers interviewed about whatever the scandal was, looked not unlike the gunman, but it's too long ago to remember what his name was supposed to be.

Medawar's best guess, it's all actually to do with what was done to/with the children on the island, at rallies two or three times a year, for fifty years.

The manifesto is jabber: he claims to be both a fundamentalist Christian and a freemason. The one thing a fundamentalist Christian cannot do, is acknowledge Jaballon as God.

He was just trying to get as many liberal bogeymen into the document as he could.

Claims to be in contact with the EDL are a bit over-egged, and he credits the EDL with being more than a shower of irritating clowns from Lewsey Farm in Luton, which they are.

There is an extreme right in Britain, but Breivik doesn't seem to harbour ANY of their ideas, which are all about reducing the world population by more than 90% and making each household live on its own nine acres of land without any technology at all.

The EDL are only "far right" if you miss these people off the scale. On any scale that includes followers of Richard Hart or Troy Southgate, the EDL wouldn't seem too far away from the Liberal Democrats.

Breivik seems to have been on the EDL website. That would appear to be it.

Medawar is being told that Breivik was trained by the security services in Belareus after a trip to Minsk in 2005. Not sure about this at all, but none of the Western European Liberal papers are repeating the story, so it might even be true.

The regime in Belareus is the most extreme in Europe now. But did they even know the island and the rallies existed?

Medawar said...