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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Only certain physicians in Cali understood how one severe allergic reaction to one Bactrim pill would induce multiple allergies in a person. They simply said it takes the body a long time to get back to normal. But at least they admitted that it could happen. The two allergists I had been to one in San Diego one at Tufts Medical which has been a hot bed of gang stalking looking back now as far as I can remeber, they both looked like they were full of it and wouldn't admit the reaction is what induced allergies so severe. The secretaries in Cali looked more guilty than you can imgaine. Thats the difference between Cali and Boston I guess. Here they just have sadistic or smug looks on their faces.

This happens all the time. Generics or manufacturers other than the ones that I usually take where there is no reaction usually there is this problem. I got an inhaler once that was different brand from my usual. Doc and pharma claimed it was same drug should be fine etc. Sure enough I had enough of a reaction that I knew I could not use this inhaler regualrly or at all without problems.

I demanded my old brand back and it was fine. No one one has listened to me all my life. For some reason Americans seem to distrust me. ever beleives I am telling the truth or I am smart enough to make correct observations about my own life and physical body.

Now I have to go back there to hang around all night long and see if this turns nasty or severe. It seems fairly mild and its coming and going in cycles which is fairly normal. I have had that before with more severe reactions to things.

The pharmacy said I couldn't get the name brand and that isn't possibly what they gave me in the hospital. Well obviously whatever they have there is better than CVS.

Ill just keep going back until they get the point of how bad this is.

I wouldn't have even sought medical attention was so out of control becuz I get harassment in hospitals like recently in Mt Auburn. Wit that doctor's assistant nurse arguing with me its probably reflux and harassing me about my traveling lifestyle and generally being argumentative cruel and unsympathetic while I was going throuh a reaction to a spider bite. Then they put on paper they saw no evidence of anaphylaxis..yet they did not put down allergic reaction anywhere. Total con job once again.

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