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Monday, July 4, 2011

WalMart And Other Companies Hire Private Psy Ops Firm

A cop on the payroll of private black ops company? Well that explains alot.
Looks like it IS all about making money.

Walmart is notorious for having remote influence in their stores. Every single Walmart has this and if they do not it is gang stalking then.

Some stores just give you the very strong feeling yer being watched especially coming from the cameras. They have a presence which I will post about next this affect used in stores and public spaces.

So I was right all along.
What is so ridiculous is that it took me this long and many years to put this together as I have simply in the last few posts. Which shows I was totally out of it due to being targeted with tech and psy ops.

This is why I often think the bad guys might be the new good guys. What if the CIA or other factions intervened on behalf of a Target of these private companies? Or perhaps a private company like this was hired to assist a Target of.state actors?

It could be anyone on any side.

Its funny the effect that gs has on a person or a nation where people believe its the govt. This legitimizes the activity and makes the TI believe that an entire nation is after them when it might just be a contract at a company.
Which changes the entire perception.

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Anonymous said...

They do have a very strong gangstalking presence here in this town's Wal Mart. That's why I dread going into Wal Mart. In 1996, there were two women going into Wal Mart late at night. The one was getting on me with a real jealous type conversation/harassment. Both had a very Welfare/trailer look to them.

But on the other hand, Walmart is very convenient because of the closeness and 24/7 open for business. I also get gangstalked/perped at Best Buy, too. I imagine HH Greg would be more of the same bullshit for TI's.