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Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Example Of Legal Ethical Reported Experimentation Parelleling TIs Situations

This is exactly the kind of experimentation going on with Targeted Individuals.

What struck me was the purposefully difficult math tests doomed to fail also familiar were the negative input by the experimentors through earphones to their subjects while taking these tests.

That is exactly what TIs have to go through. Once again TIs can plainly see parrellels between experimentation that is documented and reported to be en vogue in the science world.

The factions responsible for our ongoing experimentation are so powerful and these programs are ongoing black projects it seems we will never get justice much less validation.

I look around in the media and all around me and the country is just being put back to sleep more and more every year.

I think what TIs get exposed to is so horrible that we expect the world to finally wake up and notice. Soldiers probably freel this way after war and perhaps the ones that become anti war want society to realize what it actually consists of.

You realize that civilians don't know and further more they don't care. They have never been shaken out of their insular worlds. Its not a survival necessity for them to care or even acknowledge our experience as real.
In fact the threat of having to experience the same horrible fate motivates them to be silent and not acknowledge our suffering.

Black projects involving human experimentation are still occuring and with Clinton's seal of silence "never again will there be another MK Ultra trial" there is little hope for tortured TIs and anyone connected to MK Ultra and its other projects..of which no one knows other than obviously the perpetrators.

I now fully understand that my being able a connection to MK Ultra through my mother being a radiation experimentee, why they had to try so hard to discredit me and continue to do so.

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