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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

New Improved Witch Hunts Perhaps A Good Idea?

One of the things that I discovered being in this area along is that many people think I deserved this. And others simply believe its funny and I was a 'sucks'.
Nothing about human experimentation or weapons or corruption. It makes no sense whatsoever. And my blog seems to have little impact on the general public as if they know me from some other way, something more accessible to them like video and whatever it was it was so heavily marketed I can't compete.

Its interesting isn't it that one woman would take up so much money and time for such petty reasons?

I definately see now that the cover stories are very important. Extremely important.

And the more frustrated or fucked with I get in places like this the more 'evidence' they have that I am just mentally ill and not that I have been tortured hunted and my life taken from me.

Tue Boston Cambridge area is so heavily managed as well as polluted being old and moldy and with years of air pollution its simply not healthy even for non TIs. The electromagnetic pollution is very high.

Its far too moldy and humid and I was foolish to stay so long. I can never function properly here not after the mold damage from that apartment years ago.

Lou Gheppetti basically said that it was part of the sick joke by that social group locally that I stayed in that apartment so long. Can u believe a bunch of assholes from Newton and Brookline that are so messed up and priveledged that they find this funnny? Unfortunately this is the kind of sick behavior I recall from my mother being a bartender in Allston as all those Brookline jerks used to come in there to party in that area. I recall everyone being full of themselves and very very viscous to anyone who didn't fit in.

Boston is nasty that way.
This area is just plain evil. I think there was good reason for those witch hunts in the 1600s. I have seen that over and over again. Not Wiccans as we know today but Satanic forces.

I have even theorized that this may be the true reason they sought religious freedom from England. Perhaps among them some of this sect was hiding and had infiltrated and this is what became an issue and perhaps the executions just went too far..but with what I have seen I wonder if that is true.

Imagine if someone like myself and others who have seen in this modern era-that there is a sect in todays modern world that is living among the normal population and is hiding. And it seems to be in every town every city etc across the USA.

Imagine if we started the same inquests the same investigations but using todays technologies like forensics, technologies, survaillence, lie detectors, dogs etc.
We could easily discern who was truly guilty and who was not.
Not based on bibles or Christianity strictly but on laws and a moral gauge but yes, registering as 'satanic' as far as how unlawful and inhuman this behavior gets becuz its pretty out there. Perps act like totally insane people and somehow they still fit into society.
So there is something really wrong there.

A modern witch hunt is what we need not or Wiccans but of anyone who acts out as the gang stalking system does especially from the top levels and the extremists which I have seen people like Eddie Cox and its pretty frickin evil. Not just evil but purely inhumane. As if cruelty and heartless bloodshed were normal all the time.

The public need to be aware that the Salem witch trials were perhaps indicative of a sect of people who still live among us and act out still in secret using deceptions.

Churches seem useless as they don't seem aware of the existence of su h a HUMAN force among the population. They speak of evil as some concept or part of the human psyche. These people personify it.
Also many of.them seem to be religious or Christian as front programming. Which is very dangerous as the public can't see what's really there.

I mean I have heard GW Bush speak..he genuinely believes he is Christian in his actions much of the time.

Perhaps using Satanic forces to torture people until they become Christian is his idea of normal but it absolutely is not. But he decieves so well...programmed of course. When Christian means cult or special interest group its a red flag and very dangerous.

These Abrahamic religions are extremely oppressive. And 'evil' was being countered long before the invention of Abrahamic religions so it doesn't have to be their way or nothing.

But the behavior I have experienced is perhaps normal for human beings when they are handed a nasty cover story. The extremism and meticulous strategies and methods of destroying someone from the true core group of perps nationwide is absolutely not normal.

There is something inhuman about these people..at least they look like people.

They perform acts that no normal person in our society could be capable of..not without cult mind control or training or it being part of their upbringing.

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  1. i am so glad you have this blog, i want to meet you so much, i want to witness people messing with you so i can really unload on them. I know you don't meet other t.i's, so i can only imagine taking out these taunting harrassers for you.