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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Casey Anthony Case- Was I Supposed To Care About This?

Casey Anthony.

OK I assume I am supposed to pay attention to this due to the parallels with my own situation or at least looks. The mirroring just gets better with time dont it?

I could have cared less about this case and the only thing I thought of it years ago was that Casey's father was the most suspect of all. As if what happened revolved around him moreso.

Maybe when he was in the police force he pissed someone off? Maybe its revenge? I just find it hard to believe that she would commit murder so carelessly. Why not just give the kid up for adoption or if yer really greedy at least find a buyer for the child and a much better cover story would have been provided (not that that would be a right thing to do but it wouldnt be so careless). The murder of that child had a motive. Murder always has a motive. Her wanting to party is not a reasonable person's motive, becuz she must have known she was going to be caught as opposed to giving the kid away. Perhaps seeing her father lie over the years made her think she could get away with something like this.

Her face in all the photos during this trial look Satanic in nature. Some sort of possession or triggering. Perhaps she sold out to such forces if she did have something to do with the murder. Satanism especially among the masses is getting very pop culture acceptance. The pics of her before this time look like a normal person.

We live in a society where people rant and rave about women like Casey yet accept psychopathic murdering gansta rappers socially. This same public disregards torture at Gitmo and even domestically. They let thier children watch violent content in media and play vid games with even worse content and effects. If Casey were African American it would be written off as just another of the same violence in that culture- which is racist both ways and I wont get into that now.
The public mob loners its that simple. In many ways she was portrayed, especially photographically as a Loner. She was targeted for hatred as a loner as well. If she were connected to a group or gang there would not be so much hatred. Casey is hated for her whiteness, and specifically her Italianess and this is true in the pics I saw of her father being portrayed also. She is hated for her middle class beauty. She is hated for her lifestyle. Lots of mothers party and get drunk and still take care of thier kids.

White middle class America never wants to look at itself. It doesnt want to look at the fact this country has a high standard of living only due to exploitation of slave labor early on agriculturally as well as construction, genocide of an entire race of human beings who were inconveniently on the land, child labor abroad for our cheap yet overpriced clothing etc and our self destructive throw away society. This culture is totally compartmentalized. Violence is only a threat when it mirrors too closely your own existence. Wars happen OVER THERE. Black ghetto violence happens TO THEM. Casey looks too much like the confident white party girl and now dare she be violent..or lie..or cheat etc.

This country cannot accept the reality of evil in man becuz daily it benefits from a system that uses just that to have its exceptionally high quality of life.

What the USA hates about Casey and her father were thier tough facial expressions, thier sleaziness. If the Anthony's had lied with the flair of say, a Bush or similar, the public would be as petted and soothed over as a purring cat in one's lap. They dont hate murder, they hate brutishness and lack of style. I know this country I have been victimized by this country- they hate sloppy murders, they admire clever ones.

And dont mess with Mom and Apple Pie which is something they need to hide behind, kind of like living fully benefiting from a 'Satanic' system if you will, while claiming to be Judeo Christians in country and in practice yet only going through those motions on Sundays or for social acceptability.They deserve Casey Anthony and will use her as a diversion as long as possible from the unpleasant reality of thier lives.

Casey Anthony is the monster that dwells within every white female and whites hate truth more than anyone I have ever encountered. And if they were serious about protecting children they would fix the system. I find it hard to believe it wasnt already illegal to NOT report a child's death within an hour. THAT is something they have to put on the books? WTF?

Thinking along the lines of logic is something people in the richest country in the world should have been doing in the first place. Yet America is a place where something really f*cked has to happen before people make sense. This country is too damn big, too rich and its people have become enslaved and arent fighting to do anything drastic about it nor even care. Too much denial and Disneyworld. To realize that evil co exists with us daily would be the beginning of truly defending one's self from such forces. But this country tends to accept, worship or tolerate such forces then in other instances such as this, have outcry about such evil deeds.

Which is why I didnt care about this case to begin with. If people in this country really cared about things like this they would cut all the bs out of their lives and become sensible adults and focus on keeping law makers in line with the tech that exists instead of feeding into escapism and consumerism. They deserve Casey Anthony and they deserve to live with the outrage over the verdict. The public of this country have lost the reigns a long time ago. Being a responsible citizen isnt about spying only after something blows up from terrorism or mobbing a woman only after she neglects to report her kid dead. Its about creating a functional society where things are in line, make sense, are managable and where the people TRULY have a say in that process. America is an entertainment factory that is really not any fun me thats all it has become.

Women were murdering thier kids eons ago. However, mind control via tech did not exist as it does now. Yet the latter is what they continue to chose to focus on not the former. Why? Becuz they are easily trained and predictable social animals. Another reason why this case wasnt interesting. The only thing that was disturbing is the change in her face, from happy and normal to demonic...but that is happening alot lately. Also nobody notices.

Who cares anymore?

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