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Monday, July 4, 2011

Obama Is Nothing More Than The Next Move To Manufacture Hate-For Submission And To Burn Out Resistors


Its disgusting that he puts his life here on par with a third world country. Thats more like my life..or any TI.

Becuz today is gang stalking and remote incfluence free being a holiday especially after a Sunday where in this location those things are more relaxed I want to take advantage of this time to make sane observations not the usual repetitive things I write. The writing I do usually is me repeating myself just to keep my head above water- its survival.

Clear headed and relaxed I can say with confidence and plainly see that putting Obama in office is a move desired by White Seperatists or Supremacists. The Nazi factions and sympathizers and Satanists involved that are rooted in Project Paperclip, MK Ultra-all the things that have led to the invention and use of a system of mass mind control (Michael Aquino MINDWAR), desire to have this nation become miserable hateful and yet not be able to express that..a civil cold war. Thus people will start hating on blacks who seem to be this new generation of arrogant cocky..you know the deal. Blacks taking over the media etc. This is all to make certain populations so threatened that they either take action by adopting Nazi and or White Supremacist ideas to survive or actually act on them by joining groups or becoming hateful of certain groups in daily life..as I have living twelve months here in MA. The other alternative is the fraction of targeted groups with this psych warfare that will simply find resistance too unnerving too violent a struggle and too risky- they will submit to oppression. And I mean truly become lambs not free American citizens.

This is the enslavement of mankind that the Satanic factions are convinced are part of their manifest destiny within the Satanic Age of the 21st century.

Yeah if you hit people constantly with electromagnetic weapons daily..you can do whatever you want.

This isn't happening becuz its meant to be or aliens or religious happenings. These are the results of humans using tech and psy ops to enslave humanity. Ifs as simple as that.

I feel sad that an African American man in office has to be so negative. There are many decent blacks in our world. Remember the powers that be want a result of hate and intimidation: Obama is the perfect black terrorist. Which is the only reason he got into office, becuz Bush terrorized this nation and beat people down to a point where they would expect more beatings: welcome Obama.
And he does have many unacceptable terrorist traits and radical ideals. Which is not necessary for a black man to be president.

Its days like this, where I am not being tortured that I feel badly about using the 'N' word 10 times a day in Central Sq and downtown.
I have to remember that I have been targeted by blacks who work foe the gang stalking system during Bush as well. They just have more arrogance now due to Obama being in office. The ignorant blacks of a gang or ghettto level that I deal with in gang stalking believe that being able to harass a TI like me as well as Obama in office are simply two 'wins' for them as blacks. They don't percieve the world beyond those terms.

The best thing to do instead of get eaten alive by hate energy and aggression living in fight or flight mode is to realize that this is all extremely harsh manipulation. Its going on internationally. You can't completely give into hate becuz then the Nazis win.

Nobody wants to admit this but those of us who have seen the extent of this and are survivors of these mind control projects (my mother is a documented radiation experimentee connected to MK Ultra. She was intimidated out of going to The Pres Advisory Committee in '95) know from the inside out that all of this is rooted in Nazi experimentation, invention and discovery.

Don't look at it like they have been defeated in WWII and its unbelievable just understand that they have had alot of time to work on this since then.

And it might be that other people have used those results for their own purposes. Israel doesn't seem to be doing too badly and they certainly have been in on the gang stalking and media psy ops so we can assume they have co opted this for themselves or that Zionists are really the ogres painted by conspiracy theorists all along.

It simply seems to be the same people involved in MK Ultra are involved in this. Acedamia, medical field and institutions and anyone military even cops and fire.

Also recall Farrakhan believes Hitler was a brilliant man. Radical blacks might embrace that.

In the end it seems that westerners are so greedy now due to Bush then the economy its easy to get the masses to take part in or comply with silence concerning a gang stalking campaign.

Its not important to know exactly who's behind it.

You should realize however that Obama's racism, arrogance and treating us all like preschoolers is actually the logical next step after Bush and what that administration did: less freedoms, more hate more frustrations, less stability and money. More dumbdown more oppression.

Old man Bush's speech concerning the NWO (see my Youtube channel faces) should give you a pretty direct insight into all of this: "..when we are successful, and we will be..." that's all you need to know right there to understand Obama and next either more Obama or the Bush sponsored Romney which I can personally testify has family members involved in gang stalking.

Yer screwed. I don't know if the rich that got out to other countries have it any better or if a TI gets targeted internationally anyway.

Just realize that this is all part of an insane plan to enslave humanity.

Making people frustrated and hateful then making hate speech and hate sites illegal ARE MIND GAMES plain and simple.

Face the possibility that even these internet sites may soon be lost, cut off from many or all populations internationally or censored altogether.

We the rebels and the sacrifices may well be cut off into obscurity permanently. Not a trace we even existed or suffered.

Part of gs is to have a TI like me spend years doing this instead of hiring lawyers..now I understand why activism from TIs isn't cut off or censored- its a valuable diversion. They twist you up so badly that you can't do anything but exist in this little prison they have designed for you.

They have altered the world and want to seal this change. In order to do that the public must never know or understand just what went on during Bush and how its connected to Nazi Germany.

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