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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Street Guy Lets Me Know I Was Indeed Slandered And Being Framed

Amazing...I just talked to a street guy from years ago who told me that indeed there was rumor being spread I was a snitch and a drug addict. Mostly becuz prof my vid camera which of course I needed foe gang stalking.

Whomever set this ip is a powerhouse of wealth resource ans connections.

I explained to him that I was actually being chased by people trying to CONVINCE me to rat without a subpoena.

Typical FBI bs during Bush and due to this being such a mess no one is going to believe the real story and probably thinks I am making it up.

None of this would be possible without my own mother withholding information from me and also not revealing she was a documented radiation experimentees. She knew. She knew becuz she said to me that I can write a book but no one is going to believe me. It would have helped if she had stood up for me instead of trying to help the people trying to bring me down by getting me labeled.

Whoever helped me out of this...whoever is connected to that art reacher who claimed my mother is sick are the ones who saved me from this.

I wish I u derstood how this all worked. I wish I knew who the players uncover were.

You see the cops to this day continuing to handle the situation with caution to continue the deception the hiding of what really went on.

Well its ending with me being on the street in bad health getting what was the point of preventing a frame up?

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