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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Union Dues May Include Performing GS


The types of jobs mentioned helped out an awful lot during Bush and the height of the harassment. And union types were notorius for gs involvement.

Could this be their reward?

I think that gs is a form of dues to pay before getting such connections. Either that or the places I experienced this thymey were already unionized or it was the security companies they worked for or they were on payroll of Blackwater type private black ops companies.


  1. I myself also believe that labor unions are involved in organized stalking. I am a Target Individual is fortunate enough to be employed---all though, I wonder if I will be unemployed in the future. I have experienced the workplace mobbing regimen since 2009 and most of the participants are union employees.

  2. I agree. Low level people are the fucking worst. They don't know what's going on, yet still think they're the shit. Those are the ones I despise the most. I hate them. I hope if every this system gets exposed or broken up, I hope the perps go on a cleaning house spree, and get rid of all low level scum who participated and do something horrible to them. I hope they do the right thing.

  3. Getting screwed out of good healthcare is a given when a target. It forces the target to self-heal whenever possible. Did you ever see a chiropractor at all? They are pretty good at getting the patient to heal him/her self. I would be careful, though, because I would get billed twice for one visit on a number of occasions. That didn't happen until I gave an informant here info about who my chiropractor was. After that, I was getting billed twice for each visit, and the ladies were doing their harassing conversation.

  4. One thing the local perps tried to push on me was the notion that I was a drug trafficker, and other times I was hearing that I was "H-bombing" and doing heroin. I have never touched that stuff, but I am reading that it is very big problem in the area where I reside. So maybe it's an easy slander to pull over the public's eyes. I have no interest in doing any of that stuff, ever. I don't need it, and I've read what it does to people. Other slander was that I was popping pills. More rubbish. I have had people throw out empty tablet packets out their car windows as they pass, suggesting that I was doing this. The system is also using the heroin angle in their gaslighting of me. But nothing the system goes on is based on proof, but slander and coercion, and having weak people believe this sort of stuff.

    My opinion is that lower level scum doing this need to convince themselves the target is doing these kinds of things, just to make their own lowly selves feel better than the target. It must be something they need to hear themselves say to justify what they are doing to the target, or to fame their own flames of hatred against the target.