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Monday, July 11, 2011

Making TI Sickest Of The Herd For Extermination

I have experienced that my intuition is mostly jammed. I have been getting indications this has to do with him for months maybe years. The only reason I can act on that right now is I am on antibiotics for something (yes it was a hassle but I found two that if the right brand don't give me reactions that interfere with my life.)

I was so damn sick and Id had these issued for months. I recall years ago noting that I felt more coherent and together in this if I took one antibiotic a month. Like I was starting to really lose my health. Then I really started traveling and forgot about all that as my health beefs up out west like in the mountains and especially in the desert. TN ain't bad either. Feel pretty good there. )

If you ruin the health of the TI along with continued harassment then suicide or living in denial seems like more of an option.

Depression seems very tied into health.

It seems that targeting certain people and lowering the population with mind control tech and the three point system requires making the person sickly. Thats perhaps their rationale. To.kill off the weak ones in the order to kill of specific people.they must be made weak to become caught in this.system. becuz it DOES co.exist with the normal world you experience daily.

I notice when I am healthier like with friends I like, sexually active or on.antibiotics this system cannot 'hack' the mind as easily.

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Anonymous said...

Antibiotics makes people weak and destroys the gut health over time.

Also, Mold proven to cause depression:
"Household Mold linked to Depression"