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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Amusing Vids of Hayden-At Least He's Honest

OK this was done very ameaturish yet the great thing about it, if not a bit embarassing, is how good the ambush was. I dont know if any real journalist would get that close. You can tell Hayden knows this guy is a nobody and his opinion doesnt matter. Which of course is one of the main keys to how all this is pushed through. If the guy had any power or large listening audience Hayden would have been alot more aware of that. And the journalist probably in danger:

Ah, the resemblance to Aquino is sooo scary. The vid quality is bad but its still good:

By the way, the interview didnt make him "twitchy", both he and Aquino both have that same constant blinking speed and body language all the time anyway, in interviews usually.

The mind f*ck is that only those of us familiar with the alot of information outside typical news stories would know what Aquino looks like to begin with to recognize that in Hayden. This is another way of keeping things quiet is to ensure that any and all info of this kind is marginalized as 'conspiracy' fodder. LOL, even MK Ultra which is documented is 'marketed' by legit mass media as conspiracy with a few supposedly ignorant writers on the internet repeating more forthright that its conspiracy and no one checks facts so people believe it.

One thing about the COS and COS and Satanic faction types- at least they are honest. Its true what he is saying about the intelligence community at least from my experience. Its better than Bush sitting in front of the cameras and lying to us as if we are total idiots or Obama acting like a mammy telling everyone how its going to be like pre schoolers.


  1. Haha, "I'd never thought I'd be following a CIA agent".

  2. He does seem to twitch in this interview, never heard of him until now don't know much about him. I kind of feel bad for him though with the way he twitches, he seems to be nervous. It gives me the impression he was wronged, scolded, or experienced some kind of injustice. I don't know if this guy is an enemy, he could be victim himself.

  3. Well if we are targets that make us rivals to the group stalkers. And yes they are my enemies, and if there was a choice I would choose to be against them.

  4. Luke Rudowski, the kid in the video, is well known for this stuff and has had his life gravely threatened, but his campaign has gotten so big and his popularity so high they don't dare touch him and at this point he seems to get away with this extensively. He's ambushed bigger and badder than Hayden that is for sure. NOBODY DOES CARE tho. Nobody with resources cares...they are too comfortable with the system.

    That is the primary problem: NO ONE WITH MONEY gives a fuck cause they are thriving in this evil system.

    HOWEVER, watch when the dollar collapses and those fucks haven't got the money anymore. Oh, they will CARE. Watch how many Hollywood people get antsy when they haven't got their income anymore.

    Collapsing the economy will be the biggest mistake the system ever did. America has reserves, and they don't seem to get just how much people will wake up the moment they don't have CASH. !

  5. Yer not getting it. Watch bids of Aquino. As well as the two are said on the internet to be quite chummy. Both military. They look similar and have the almost exact same ticks during certain interviews, fast eye blinking being just one of them.

    Of course he's been victimized..u can't create people like this to put into positions of power without they being controlable. Programming. Aquino loves to hint by stating he was born dead and had to be revived. The problem is that victimized people can't help but victimize others. Sympathy for the devil has its place and usually I wouldn't meddle in other's private affairs. But instituting an entire system of tech to enslave man is just a bit its on.