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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pharmacies Giving Bad Drugs To TIs...Psychological Effects Years Later

To this day I have to watch the pharmicist like a hawk when.they are filling something just becuz of those years during Bush when they were screwing with my medicine.

Don't believe me?

I hope I can trust this pharmacy. I watched her fill them but I saw she kept going underneath the counter to fill mine and its not what the next woman did to fill the next ones.

I don't trust anyone anymore. Back during Bush and suing Olnick people were new to the brutality of this system. People gave me information and heads up. People warned me like a pharmacist in the midwest just looked at me like 'dont take these'.

I took one and then didn't and boy...he wasn't saying that for no reason.

But perhaps with the NWO in place so firmly now, people live by deception ad second nature. The younger kids seem like its part of their upbringing. Its totally normal.

So who's to say she didn't switch pills right in front of me becuz I couldn't see her filling them very well. The attitude might be a friendly smile and a 'too bad you stupid bitch what are you going to do about it anyway even if I did?'.

I don't even want to take the stuff now. I think these covert activities are probably totally normalized now.

I will never forget how I discovered that sedative prescribed to me was being tainted and given to me by that Brookline Walgreens. They love Lou Ghepetti there of course and know him by face. I've learned over time anyplace where perps or your enemies get preferential treatment is a place where you as a TI will be gang stalked every single time without fail.

That is a rule of thumb.

The hospital in San Fran CA upon my leaving gave me the same drug after claiming they never carried.such a drug. They highly suggested I.take their new script supply and not those old ones from Brookline.

I finally got it. Whatever they put in the ones from Brookline Walgreens they gave me a weird effect of like....fuzziness. As if some chemical or substance were making me brain fogged and worse. I used to have the bottle but I lost it along the way. I wonder if it would show up in my body somewhere.
Its funny like that movie Love You To Death or Rasputin where they just keep poisoning the person and doing shit trying to kill them and the f*cked just keeps forging onward. I would laugh my ass off if radiation exposure actually does give humans super powers or strengths...hysterical.

No matter what you do society still sees you as the loser in all this. And you never get back what was only get forgotten about and left alone more as they see you have less and less of a chance at any opportunities.

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