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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Michael Hayden Seems Very Concerned About Defending Torture Opposed To Wiretapping

Becuz guilty conscience is difficult to bare even for a guy like Hayden. Who looks way to much like Aquino with the same facial expressions and eye blinking and body language than anyone should be comfortable with.
Becuz he knows that the torture that was done during Bush goes way beyond what any of the public have been told. The torture I recieved in St Louise was nothing more than to destroy my mind and even damage to my heart tissue at one point. The torture during Hayden being head of the CIA was the worst in my history. Much of it during Bush/Hayden especially in St Loius MO was strictly Satanic in nature.
As far as interrogation they can use helicopters hovering above a building to perform a water boarding like torture to a Target within. All to gain information, of which seems to never be enough. Becuz this wasnt all about gaining information. It was about shutting down key victim witnesses under the guise of interrogation or furthering intergenerational experimentation- black projects. Maybe he's getting old and his internal programming structures are breaking down.

Becuz they went after people who were programmed with covert interrogation methods yet alot of what we experienced was not to gain information but simply to force deprogram or destroy. Many times like during the water boarding type torture the information gained, one sensed that the recipeient of such info simply did not like the answer or accept it as what they were looking for, which just pissed me off more.

Anyone with ANY type of programming to counter Bush or any of that family's agenda was ripped apart purposely not to protect the USA but to protect special interests.

And in this entire situation both the Church of Set types and the Black Water obsessed-with-Templars and a Christian world order types are equally awful to have dealt with. Who knows even who was worse.

I know I sound like nothing more than conspiracy theory. Thats the problem with the world. These black operations go on and there is so much money involved its obscene, yet the govt is broke. It was like going to CA and seeing San Diego claim it was broke and poor yet there were private riches everywhere and nothing but rich kids living there.

What you are shown on the news is not whats really going on. And at least now I know that is definite. Not a theory.


Anonymous said...

Could be tied to our interrogation via torture and coerced "confessions". Sometimes, I was coerced into confessing into some of the things in the slander campaign, against my will, against the truth.

prasad519 said...

I am victim of electronic harassment for more than 8 years. last year dec i came to know aboutt

RFID implants, electronic harassment, ganag stalking,neuro technology . I complaaint to couple of organizations which supports anti RFID movement.

But it seems they are concentrating on media stunt, rather than helping victims.

So i bought RF / EMF shilds to protect myself. I want to know is there any organization which do really help victims of gang stalking rather than
saying "pray to god".

please read complete email threads.

If you know any non hipocratic organization that really interested in doing service.

>> I think brain transmitters implanted in my head and in forehead. Here
>> doctors are not helping me to remove them as MRI scans are manipulated
>> by groups who are torturing me. I have no evidance except this Radio
>> frequency reader bought from singapore. I am an indian, and
>> i am in sever pain. I find no groups in india that helps me in this
>> situtation.