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Thursday, July 14, 2011

MP Groping Incident-Set Up and Destroy Potential Military Whistleblower?

What's most interesting is that she was in the midst of exposing the military for having charities pay for soldiers injuries instead of taking care of it themselves.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, the account from the Iraq war veteran.

"I don't get many interviews, but when I do, I get a lot of handshakes and a 'Thank you for your service, but you're not what we're looking for.'"

Could it be he is a target and on an employment blacklist? The story also mirrors my situation in a lot of ways. If I am not blacklisted from employment, as many TI's are, then maybe the economy isn't very good. I need experience, yet no one seems to want to hire me which would lead to experience and a good paying job with benefits.

Mike said...

After posting that last message to you about the Nike shirts the harrassement was stepped up a notch, it became in my face confrontation to try and push me into reacting. Directly calling me a loser, and another person after that putting their camera in close to my face and taking a picture obviously with the loud click noise when the picture is being taken, than being intimidated by video taping me as i'm going by.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I would compare them to apes. Apes have been proven to think outside the box whereas humans cannot. Humans will follow orders exactly, even when they know the outcome will be futile. But you are correct in that apes are very aggressive and territorial. However, within a community, a lot of times apes can come to a resolution. These creatures that gangstalk us just harass with reckless abandon, as though they are unafraid of return fire. If they do get hit by the TI, they know the outcome will be that the TI will be the one getting in trouble. Some gangstalkers actually will have their cell phones ready to call the cops when a TI reacts, which tells me they are aware the law enforcement is on the same side as they are, i.e., allies against the TI.

They are actually crazy enough to believe they run the community, towns, or whatever, and the TI is a mere trespasser.

The actions of the gangstalkers and perps are so crazy, and yes someone connected in this maze has access to future-seeing technologies. I'm thinking they've seen that they've lost the war, and are desperate to convince themselves they're gonna win anyways. Hence, the need to have perps walk past and say they've won when they know 1.) it's not over. And 2.), I'd like to think they've lost in the future, they know it, and that is why they are so vicious and mean towards the TI.

Anonymous said...

I see "Fucking Smilers" got some pretty good reviews.

On December 3, 2008 it was announced that this limited-edition package was nominated for a Grammy in the category of "Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package"

If you check the "Professional reviews" section, you can see. Maybe she is simply getting rewarded for kissing the ass of the System. It is my theory that "critical reviews" can be used as part of a means of targeting artists and keeping them in line with their System by putting out the types of sh*t they want them to put out.

Also, was watching some classic Stones live footage on youtube, and quite a few comments were taking shots at Mick Taylor, like "he wasn't so great" or "Ron Wood is so much better". Which is interesting, because I've seen footage of Keith rehearsing with Wood, and he was having trouble playing simple stuff like "Shattered". Sh*t, Shattered is simple, and it was the main riff he was having trouble with. And of course, I commented back to you about Taylor and his situation, i.e. getting his royalties cut off for decades, and not getting credit he deserved on some numbers. Interesting how those commenters are actually corroborating the fact he may in fact be a target with those comments. And also, I found "Shattered" to have some interesting lyrics as well. "Go ahead, bite the Big Apple, don't mind the maggots".

Nothing against the Stones. I don't think they are for or against the System, but it seems they just try to not rock the boat too much and upset those in charge of the agenda. But with Taylor, something's up there. He must be an outright target. He stated that he left the Stones to get clean, and this could be why he was targeted. How dare anyone get clean? That's probably why so much drugs and drinking is present in the Rock 'n Roll/entertainment world. I believe there are ties with organized crime, and they need these people to have a bad boy image so as to keep a major source of their profits, drugs, flowing.

Anonymous said...

It's all a front. You probably are better at music than you realize. Really, if you have one type of artistic ability, it does transfer over. One just needs to cultivate it. Of course, all of these "rich Bitches" are just putting on a show. And who knows how long they've practiced and who coached them? Another TI postulated that these people perping us practice their acts over and over again before we even show up, which makes them look better than they are. And they do seem to have a lot of time to burn, so you know they are getting paid well by the perps.

When I was practicing guitar, I was doing a pretty good job, but then they sent out bozos to tell me I "suck". Just more psych. warfare.

Other perps would slip me info that they liked my songs, the ones that were not kissing the ass of the system. And I generally do my own music, not rehearsing existing tunes. So you know something's up when perps start putting on the act. A lot of those perp skits are actually well-funded and well-rehearsed, so it's interesting they would rub it in. I guess the rubbing it in part is just part of the psych. warfare. Just don't let those not-very-talented actors get to you.