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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Anonymous said...

I really like my role as a target. I would not have it any other way. I think we are making a bigger impact than the assholes behind this would want us to. I remember back to the days as a small child, when Laverne and Shirley was on. Such innocent times (almost). Carefree, there were no tech toys to give us tech addictions. I feel that when Nixon took office though, that's when the seeds were planted for this world domination thing. He was there to help the sadistic assholes get their sh*t together, so that when Bush took office, the transition was accelerated.

There's something about the theme song, too, about "doing it our way, making our dreams come true". I believe our dreams will come true. Helping man kind is our role. Sure we will suffer, but we are like the light in the New Dark Ages. Call it NDA in addition to NWO.

Did you ever think there was a purpose for you being here, that maybe you were born into this specific tumultuous time to help mankind from the even sadistic "rulers"? Sure your life has been trashed, but you are still standing tall like a mighty statute against the new evil which permeates this NWO. Yeah, I think Bush and the rest of these Nazis are getting pricked in the balls with TI's efforts of activism, that is, the right TI's, and the right activism. I've been told by perps that they are getting annoyed by TI's and the efforts to thwart their little system they so faithfully serve. And those twits aren't as smart as they think they are.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel- You gotta read about this case in Mass about AIG caught making an injured worker homeless and denying his benefits and treatment. I hope the bastards lose hundreds of millions on dollars and all of them spend some decades in prison.