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Though it seems now we've been forgotten, it's more important than ever. Beware baiting, infiltrators, agitators. Acts of violence only aids the enemy. Stay strong.

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Friday, July 22, 2011


Anonymous said...

Boy was that ever a great find. Good job. I have researched and found that the NSA is heavily involved in targeting "dissidents". Interesting that the British government may be an unwitting slave to the ever powerful US Super Machine. Also, I find that the "word verification" portion of this blog where you post comments may be monitored/messed with by one of those factions: NSA, FBI, etc. I think I see subliminal messages in the words they provide where you type them to verify you are not a spam bot.

Anonymous said...

A potential target?

So the rest of the class decided she didn't "fit in". Or maybe our society has created these types of people, who constantly need "fresh meat" thrown their way.

The mob of peers decided it was going to have its way with her, unfortunately. Today's social climate includes the current managed social diseases managed by perpetrators working from the shadows, which encourages such behaviors. Or, is today's society just that sick, necessitating the perps taking control and managing it from their shadowy perch in the "trees"?

Anonymous said...

You'll find that there's a mob lurking within every social strata in today's society. And it ain't pretty. The question is: are perps responsible for this, or are they simply managing what is a very sick society, directing the harassment to some beneficial outcome than normally would happen within a sick society?

Anonymous said...

The case of Jane Clift. Check this one out.

Her name was added to the blacklist because she was 'a thorn in their side' and the council thought the move would mean no-one would take her seriously.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering about the timing of Winehouse's death. Interesting, because I had been reading and researching about Kurt Cobain's death the same day she died. Not saying they are necessarily tied, but it's an odd coincidence. Also, both died at 27, related to drug problems. And an article on states definitively that Cobain "committed suicide", when nobody knows for sure if he was murdered or he committed suicide. Another coincidence? Stating Cobain committed suicide when it's uncertain how he died. Sounds like the System is again trying to cover its tracks.

At any rate, could have been a real drug overdose. But I know for sure the System likes to manipulate a target's environment to get the target hooked on drugs. Or they will try to create a destructive path for the target leading to drug abuse, culminating in a drug-related death.