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Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Manipulative Report On The Norwegian Lone Shooter Thats Supposed To Scare Dissidents Into Compliance

OK so the guy was an insecure a-hole, does that mean that everyone who sees the insanity in forced multiculturalism (as opposed to humans gathering randomly according to thier own Wills or natural multiculturalism) and virgin raping Muslim extremist scum in Scandinavia are whacked out White Supremicists?

There is a campiagn going on in America probably world wide to FORCE people into becoming extremist and disgusted with the way things are being run into the ground. The FBI is infamous at this point for antagonizing people into BECOMING extremist to support thier agenda and the larger agenda.

Hmmm who could possibly benefit from more sympathy and martyredom towards those groups supposedly being targeted or who feel threatened by the growing average white person's disgust with being conned? Which will turn extremist in many cases becuz these people THEMSELVES FEEL THREATENED BUT NO ONE IS LOOKING AT THAT.

I think I have the answer:
(what the hell does her insane plans for forced multiculturalism have to do with Israel's politics. Of course shes an American. If I were Israel I would distance myself from this lunatic. Shes got her priorities mixed up. Israel is a country in conflict with other countries over land. For some of us its THIER PROBLEM not ours and we are sick of not only thier dramas but Abrahamic religious oppression generally. Other sympathize with Israel. Either way that has NOTHING to do with multiculturalism in Europe. This woman needs to focus on Israel and leave everyone else alone. Why the meddling?)

Yes once again its a con job. In fact I think that the factions that are connected to Project Paperclip type things with Nazi sympathies are actually smart enough to pull this off, becuz is not about race at this point its about The Elite, and enslaving mankind. The more extremists there are the more we need enslavement under the guise of security. More mind control to ensure 'incorrect thought' doesnt end up with a lone shooter.

To actuallly brain wash the public into believing that simple resistance to change that is threatening to a certain demographic would end up in such an extreme action is the stuff of BLACK OPS projects end of story. NO HUMAN BEING COMMITS SUICIDE OR HOMICIDE FOR SUCH PETTY REASONS. THESE PEOPLE ARE PUSHED BY A SYSTEM OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE and its purpose is to ensure that you believe what they demand or YOU TOO ARE SUSPECT OF SNAPPING and blowing a bunch of innocent kids away. Its a very sneaky way of scarring any resistors into non resistance.

And still they can go to Hell becuz the views of people around the world concerning forced social engineering are valid and cannot be ignored for much longer. The Africans want the white farmers out? Good have a mass exodus of whites from Africa, no wasting time fighting for land that actually, isnt thiers. The blacks are correct: the land IS there's. So let them have it becuz doing so then sets an example of countries being overrun with angry, traumatized, violent, diseased (parasitic is the worst and doctors dont want people to start considering that. Those seperate fountains in the south were not segration without reason. Some of the worst deadly tapeworms that are aggressive within the human body come from Africa) that they should either be civil or go back home and starve there. Nothing less than zero tolerance for bullshit should be allowed and this should be in everyday social practice not on impulse with a semi automatic. GET A CLUE AND WAKE UP.

Certain factions are using these peoples to enslave everyone else. This IS part of the enslavement of mankind.

Besides LOL, the Chinese are moving into Africa- lets see them try to throw them out. Africa needs to kick the asses of thier own corrupt leaders and the elite they work for instead of blaming poor whites everywhere becuz its easier. Grow up and start fighting like men not children. If yer serious about your independence, fight Africa's corrupt leaders. The Chinese and they should get on well becuz they share the same pathetic human rights values. LOL.

I often wonder what Africa would have evolved into had it never been touched by various groups over thousands of years for slavery. That includes the Egyptians and the Romans etc. There are plenty of artworks that depict Nubians from sub saharan Africa being enslaved- and the Egyptians look nothing like them so stop the Afro Centric bs right there.

Africa has never been given a chance to create its own future and define itself. THIS is the main problem. A true White Supremicist will say its the n*gger's nature- that Africans are by birth inferior. What they do not consider is the colonialism and imperialism that destroyed their cultures and disturbed their evolution. Actually in the story Amastaad which I believe is documented history, African tribes had been civilized long before invasions from outsiders.

Africa itself is heavily exploited- this is the problem. Not blacks being stupid by nature or anything else. And Africans world wide need to stop leaning on the white man for support wherever they go, like lost slaves, and truly take on thier viscous very dangerous corrupt leaders in thier own country and homeland. For many of us, much of the pressure on OUR CULTURE would be relieved by a truly independant African homeland.

Upper classes of whites and also many times Jewish cultures often leave the burdens of thier exploitations on the poorer or lower classes of whites. They preach PC and Diversity all day long but then go home to neighborhoods that are not truly of this type. Anyone who can afford to live like them is NOT what Diversity deals with. I notice there isnt alot of class Diveristy. Like YUPpies arent clamouring to get people of other classes and financial means to move into thier neighborhoods and THIS IS WHERE THE TRUE COVERT WAR LIES.

These are all moves by elitist factions to silence opposition wherever they can, and they know it. The social workers know it, and especially the sneaky sleazy acedemics know it who are worse than ever in supporting the agenda. Becuz they know they will lose thier jobs and thier tenure right now if they speak the truth.

Get with the program- these are all scare tactics to push the NWO which is about the elite doing whatever it wants without any knowledge by the public- just like the good old days before the Internet. So they need new methods to control the public welcome to the 21st century con jobs and manipulations.

I stumbled upon NASA channel yesterday. Saw where our money really goes so the country is broke, saw some expensive space stuff and wondered how many homeless people I could fit in it. Just kept saying "How much did THAT cost?" and "Hey can I sleep in that? I need a place to sleep". Seriously considered creating a squatters rights in space which hopefully will exist soon and annoy the bastards as far as they can take humans into the stars. Squat on the moon, Mars etc.

Yet, all we here about during these debt dealings is social security checks. Not the military industrial complex which 'misplaces' billions and when questioned by legit govt gets away with not answering the inquiry. And never is there an official inquiry. Is there an accountant in the house or what?

The system now thinks it can still fuck up like the old days and handle any dissidents and resistance to further enslavement with veiled threats and hard core brainwashing. Once again like any other time in history my middle finger is raised high in a salute to thier agenda. They believe with these extremist (!) methods of thiers, they can squelch healthy, normal human rebellion from the lower classes or the oppressed.

Its not going to work no matter how many lone shooters they push into snapping. These are the ultimate Elitist temper tantrums and should be ignored vehemently.

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