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Sunday, August 28, 2011

COS- Human Sacrifice By Proxy

Remember alot of this is ritual abuse and the TI is a human sacrifice. Recall what LaVey said:
September 26, 1985 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD--SENATE S12171

" Mr. LAVEY.  We feel a person should be free to indulge in all his

so-called fetishes that they would desire, as long as they don't hurt
anyone that doesn't deserve or wish to be hurt.


Mr. LAVEY. We perform human sacrifices, by proxy you might say, the
destruction of human beings who would, let's say, create an antagonistic
situation towards us, in the form of curses and hexes, not in actual
blood rituals because certainly the destruction of a human being
physically is illegal."

Its difficult for me to try to pin this on any one group. Really TI's can speculate but we don't know fully what is going on. Also due to the very deceptive nature of psy ops with alot of set ups and misdirection, one can never tell if one is being purposely baited to blame someone obvious.

I find it interesting however that so much activity along these lines started for alot of TI's in 2003 or so, around the same time that Anton LaVey's daughter Zeena and her husband broke away from the Temple of Set with a number of others.

There are so many kinds of Satanism and then there are alot of other kinds of practice and its gets messy. Left hand path, right hand but that is based on Judeo-Christian judgment isn't it?
All I know is what I knew about whats inside of me. What I most resent are the attempts to destroy that along with trying to alter what comes naturally to me which seems most important to whoever is behind this.

Its difficult when Christians think Hermetics is Satanic but yet other parties think the Templars were Christian. Its none of that.

For all I know, in these games, someone used the tech capabilities along with gang stalking to make me think certain people were behind what was happening to me. And this recent discovery that members left the TOS now introduces the possibility that Aquino or others might be antagonistic towards them for leaving. So what am I to think about what occurred in that apartment in 335 Washington St Brighton MA USA? The tech was straight out of MINDWAR by Aquino. Yet the content was Lavey type Satanism and connections to the Satanic Bible. Also having visions of LaVey in hell with his own section of hell, along with one of his women, perhaps his daughter a brunette in this vision, instructing me that I should ask LaVey for whatever I needed in life "ask and thou shall receive". Its humorous that biblical type material was used. Its supposed to be blasphemous right?

Too much of what occured was linked and orderly for it to have been my imagination on its own. Also someone trying to warn me handed me a complete multi page packet on info about the towers on top of the building- it was snuck into some housing paperwork by an advocate. And this person cannot be trusted becuz she quoted things I said in my apartment. Her actions didnt seem genuine, they seemed part of whatever game was being played.

Then its hard for me to know who was behind trying to destroy me and who was protecting me. In my case the Satanic-military connection could be trying to do me in while my family's mafia connections might have been trying to help me. Its very messy. Not complicated- messy. Complicated would be if I actually had what went on mapped out mentally but it was just involved. This is a disgusting mess becuz much is hidden from me. And as long as its hidden from me so is the power they, whoever 'they' are, took from me.

I know one thing- I am starting to accept that every person who seemed involved in this has some connection to Satanism. So then where does the later Christian content and attempted brain washing come from? Its obvious that psy ops would use whatever they had to to get results.

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