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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Microsoft Patents Governmemt Spying Technology

When you are targeted yeah you should care.

This has become so prevelant that people are not paying attention. As long as they are not targeted they feel.they don't have to care about this information. Totally oblivious. The public have totally lost their understanding of what freedom and liberty are.

The main problem is the those concepts haven't been updated to deal with the age of tech. Its most likely that simple. So the powers that be are working any area they can that isn't percieved by the public.

Also people are being sold these technologies as tools for daily loving and socializing which is totally deceptive and manipulative.


Anonymous said...

Perps have been trying for years to get me onto Facebook and Myspace without success. Odd how one girl I actually liked was asking me to get one, and her asking followed the same pattern as others before her. And she leaves, and I never saw her again, and her Facebook page disappeared. Why then would she ask me to get one? There could be some other reasons for this I am over-analyzing, but it seems the System does this to targets: if they find someone they like and it's mutual, like a friend or whatever, then the person, if they have some control over them by the system, will leave the target's life forever. Other TI's have stated this, too. I know the perps planned this.

Anonymous said...

Got some family members who are really into upgrading to Windows 7. I have quite a few laptops and desktops/mini desktops I built, and 2 of them run Windows. One is Windows XP, the other is Vista. The rest of them, I use open source unix and unix-like operating systems. And remember this:

"It is alleged that some ex-developers (and the company they worked for) accepted US government money to put backdoors into our network stack," de Raadt wrote. "Since we had the first IPSEC stack available for free, large parts of the code are now found in many other projects/products. Over 10 years, the IPSEC code has gone through many changes and fixes, so it is unclear what the true impact of these allegations are."

OpenBSD developers often characterize security as one of the project's highest priorities, citing their thorough code review practices and proactive auditing process as key factors that contribute to the platform's reputedly superior security. If Perry's allegations prove true, the presence of FBI backdoors that have gone undetected for a decade would be a major embarrassment for OpenBSD.

The prospect of a federal government agency paying open source developers to inject surveillance-friendly holes in operating systems is also deeply troubling. It's possible that similar backdoors could potentially exist on other software platforms. It's still too early to know if the claims are true, but the OpenBSD community is determined to find out if they are.

I could actually build a machine with the price I would be paying for Windows licenses, and in some cases, I have money left over. I wouldn't recommend it for the average Joe, but I've been using Unix since 1993, and like it a lot.

I've noticed that when this was first posed on kerneltrap, there were an unusual amount of respondents crying bullshit and conspiracy theory. Yet more government sponsored shills. It seems reasonable that with Microsoft's wealth, they too will be going along with this NWO spying/control/surveillance/managed relationships bullshit. Some family members were talking, and they were complaining that rich corporations don't pay taxes nor do extremely wealthy people, while everyone else pays 33%. The one was saying everyone should pay 33% regardless of earnings. But large corporations wind up paying little or nothing in taxes, and get huge govt. grants to boot.