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Monday, August 22, 2011

Greyhound- Govt Subsidy and Competition, Motives to Play Along With GS?

Meant to do this post a long time ago.

Greyhound Lines was owned by LaidLaw. During early Bush they took heavy losses and filed for bankruptcy. They then took alot of government subsideries.

I would have to look in my records but the worst experiences on Greyhound were during this time period about 2006 but also up until 2009. Perp groups seemed to take over an entire bus. I suppose that they could just buy every ticket but on the worst rides like MILABs even the driver was in on it, usually stressing that she was a stand in driver and not usually on this route.

Believe me we are not talking about a person whos is delusional and misreading people's cues. Gang Stalkers mess with people and they do it purposely. And they are a mob. This is not so far fetched as these could easily be private sector security companies doing black ops jobs its been shown that is common and during Bush outsourcing actions usually performed by govt has been documented. Blackwater for example.

When a 16 year old kid consoles his girlfriend by turning to her and stating "Shes just a target" and this is everyone on the bus, there is something more going on than just a small group of perps or the TI being delusional. These people are vicious, incapable of being humane and extremely nasty. They also tend to be lowly types, they seem to be abusive by nature and many of them are ignorant if not borderline retarded. Many of them seemed to be trying to belong to the group like people doing something to join a gang.

I know Greyhound isn't the only bus company in the US but admittedly they are the largest one that covers the most ground in such a large country.
Note it says they have to compete with other bus companies..awwww. Poor babies.

Could it be that gaining an edge might mean playing along with these activities? Is it the parent company of the company that owns Greyhound or is it that govt welfare they needed to pay for. I have noted that anyone wanting govt funding such as shelters I was in, played along with gang stalking then was quite confident they were going to get such funding that year.
I understand that they cant control a covert group buying seats on thier buses. And I have also experienced much of what allows gs to take place is on lower levels or local levels of a business, like an entire company might not be at fault. I have not researched the parents companies-laugh if I found it was some military industrial company.

If businesses being owned by military contractors is going to lead to conflict such as domestic military actions against civilians.

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