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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cop Shot Randomly After Good Deed San Diego/Good Deed Stil Counts

I know this is going to be a sensitive subject. Ill do my best.

San Diego is a rough place. Its a hard place to be poor. Its not like the midwest or the northeast or even northern Cali. The poor are pretty segregated. It depends on what neighborhood he was in also.

There is alot of tech used there, in the downtown area and surrounding in San Diego proper not alot of gang stalking, there is but its extremely subtle. Once a TI leaves the 'parameters' of San Diego and goes, say to Chila Vista or surrounding areas, in person gang stalking by human forces picks up the slack for obvious lack of remote influence.

Its an area very strong with a Navy presence and also the home of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard's Sceintology before he split with the organization over differences. The modern Scientologists market themselves as being in line completely with Hubbard but he split from them when he was still living and one has to wonder why. Read up on it. There are engravings in the sidewalks that say they were built by LR Hubbard concrete company and such.

The police there that do engage in organized stalking and harassment are very overt, treat the TI like they are stupid and have an unbelievable disregard for logic or a civilians rights. One common tactics of police in San Diego who are bad cops is to use emotion exclusively in place of logic, reason and especially doing things according to the book. This city can become extremely frustrating and confusing for someone targeted due to there being bad cops who do not give a shit if they are obvious and then you will run into the nicest genuine cop right afterwards who is personable. My experience was that the ones doing thier jobs were probably more impressive than cops here. And when they realize you have a brain and are doing the right thing they seem to side with you. In short, the good cops didnt waste my time or play games and did not seem to be on any ego trips.

The bad ones did outrageous things to breech the peace and I have one story that I probably should have sued for or at least called internal affairs.

So the dynamics of that as well as how segregated the poor are can make this place very hard to live in. Its also not intellectual like the east, its very much a dumb down keep down place but its done with a smile and Have A Nice Day!

I dont know the circumstances. We dont know what kind of men either one of these people were. However, death by cop seems to be one way to know you are going to get taken out.

If it is related to anything other than normal sad human life occurrences, the tech in that city would drive alot of people nuts. I recall I would regularly freak out in one specific area, kind of like a predictable reaction here in Central Sq Cambridge MA.

Certain African American areas there are just miserable with no life to them and racism is rampant, all kinds.

The act of kindness I have to say, should not be disregarded as something useless simply due to his death. He may have gotten shot anyway, in fact if this guy was looking for a cop to kill then he was waiting for him to get back in the car anyway and if this was something more personal with this individual cop or his district, it was going to happen this way most likely anyway. His act of kindness should be appreciated seperately from what occurred next. Its the kid he bought the meal for I wonder about. What impressions about life does he have now?

Acts of kindness should never be disregarded or made to seem pointless simply because negative things occur in close alignment.

And I hate to say this and be a hard ass, but it might have happened in the military overseas had it not happened here. Its a dangerous job. San Diego is a city with alot of class, financial and race issues that they dont deal with well or at all. And as I mentioned the cops inconsistency is a stressor on the homeless as well as the poor.
It struck me as the kind of place where its pretty mello and peacable and then suddenly something more violent than normal here in the northeast can happen.

Which is kind of what this story is describing. Boston and NYC keep a kind of constant level of vigilance up. People are guarded. Its normal here for there to be altercations in the street that end with 'screw you' but they end is the point. When people argue things out and are allowed to do so, it sets a mood where people feel they can let off steam but also feel there is a level of guard up on the street. A code of behavior.

If you have an argument in San Diego, people get totally freaked out and the cops show up and really scold you for being agro. Even try to make an issue of it. Yet some of the most mentally ill people who are dangerous roam the streets regularly and dont get taken away to institutions regularly enough. Its a place where things are not well regulated as a northeasterner would like them to be. They dont deal well with reality in general. Until it bites them in the face which could be prevented from what I experienced by living there.

Perhaps its just the nature of this place to go from paradise to hellish within moments. In fact that is exactly what I experienced there. Yet, even though Cali isnt the free love hippy type activist strong place it was 40 years ago, there is a certain ease and kindness there that is not the norm anywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

The way I handled the bad cop was to whip out my cell phone, and put it in camcorder mode. That put an end to his shenanigans. It's amazing that I have to treat this one the same way I have to treat HS dropout loser kids harassing me.