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Sunday, August 28, 2011

American Idol Judges Humiliated Contestant Who Suicided- 2008

Ah 2008. A time in gs history where there was alot of trying to really anchor many TI's with things like this, so they would internalize them. I wont get into it now but this is a part of what was going on. I am glad I never saw this until now.

When are people going to learn that Hollywood is full of pros and these people are often deeply multiple, indebted to someone or some group/organization in order to have what they do as well as often being sociopathic about success and obsessively driven with things like schedules. I have seen this first hand and the drive these people have is f*ckin scary. There is a big difference between an artist and a person successful in entertainment/media.

Someone who used to hang in Hollywood as a sleazy promoter once snapped at me that artists were "losers" compared to successful people in media or entertainment industry.

I now believe, from years of experience, that these kinds of actions are very much in line with the ritual abuse kind of treatment. That the show is designed on purpose to attract and exploit the weak and the vulnerable. Its a very Satanic kind of thing, the testing of the Will power.

Its so obvious that the world has changed to this kind of thing as normal- its a tool to spread the normalization of torture. That is totally obvious. Its not just propaganda in media its an outright tool of manipulation and conditioning the public. The fact that so many people get really messed up from the masochistic act of subjecting themselves to judgement and there have been related suicides should tell us what kind of thing we are dealing with, the fact that no one thinks twice about such things happening becuz of this show and the way its set up should illustrate how changed society really is.

It was and is a common tactic to try to frame up and drive insane TI's by actually making them into stalkers. If we look at Diana Napolis I wonder if she had a history of this behavior of if she only started acting out once she had been involved in whistleblowing on ritual abuse cases as a therapist? Becuz I and other TI's can map out how this is done to turn people nuts and sometimes that ends with a lone shooter.

Valerie Solonis who shot Warhol kept saying he was stealing her ideas (knowing him that might have been the case actually) and made claims to have had some connection to the CIA against her will. Her hatred of men is common after years of abuse and then harassment if she was targeted. The fact that she wrote a manifesto and then had an entire theory like a scientist about the whole issue speaks of someone who at one time was intelligent and comes from some sort of intelligent DNA.

My cousin is now a PhD in genetic engineering. Seem odd I am a homeless woman? What becuz that proves I am simply crazy due to my father's DNA? Its a great story but its simply not true. I recall one female older fat perp in St Louis was messing with me while giving me a ride in her car to a store, she was a guest at that hostel in St Louis and so many perps came through there it was horrible. It was owned by one of my friends former clients and I wasnt awake enough from mind control to really acknowledge this it was dangerous to be there certainly.
This woman kept making fun of my work and that I had a habit of having to detail everything "like a scientist".
Its sad that all these people want to do is erase whatever brilliant mind you have or talents or intelligence. And then blame it on progressing schizophrenia as the cause, which is actually what some perps told me in MI.
Even though much of my memory loss is due to mold exposure and years of being terrorized, they planned ahead to blame it on mental illness-long ago.

You have no idea how nasty these people are. They get results at any cost. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't set this woman up to be destroyed or even kill her themselves and set it up like a suicide just to both cause chaos and suffering connected to American Idol as well as f*ck up the minds of few TI's. I have seen many 'accidents' and suspicious deaths.

The system tries to get TIs to believe that celebs are in on the harassment, especially on a very covert level like through media, then push and harass them with faceless people and have them isolated and those closest to them betray them, the Target is then forced into blaming someone out of all that energy and anger etc unable to go where it really belongs, and celebs are visible so this works. And honestly one can see where certain celebs or public figures are indeed doing things that seem like they are taking part, often done in a very slap-in-the-face, catch me if you can kind of way.

TIs are usually intelligent, perceptive, observant people remember- particularly the Survivors of mind control programming. The system uses this to thier advantage in these set ups, which is also why its important to control the TI so closely. To ensure they get select information. I know it sounds far fetched but this is psy ops what did you expect?

People take part in betraying the Target or strangers take part in harassing them in person, so why wouldnt other kinds of people take part in other ways also. These are people who are very driven and Hollywood is a rough place. The people who even moderately succeed there have something about them that is almost psychopathic and certainly its a very sick environment. Its a hard business not just talented people at work. These people an edge over competitors- the same pay offs that normal people get for being part of gs. What celebs are above this shit? Please people..hello, casting couch?!! These are often people that will do whatever it takes to pay the bills or the piper. Just becuz someone seems famous and successful doenst mean its permanent. One is never famous or successful enough I assume.

Alot of mafia and other organized crime support famous careers so dont get confused about who yer dealing with.

The point is to not let anything this system does get to you and realize its a psychological operation from either a state actor or outsourced by one to a private entity. Its that simple. They can get the public to hate all the want, its only a convenient use of the mob. Whats really going on is designed by professionals.

Didnt Cowell get exposed for some sex scandal or something else a few years later? Alot of people got thier comeuppance at that time, after during Bush and Hayden the bad guys had a field day being out of control with torturing people. That was fun to watch- the pay back. Still there is never enough of that is there? To really make up for what they take.


Vojkan said...


Here's pictures of Cowell riding a
jet ski with Masonic symbols on
it. His show has 3 judges like in
the French Revolution.


Vojkan said...

Sorry, forgot to paste URL for
video of Cowell in comment.

Anonymous said...

There was a blackout where I was today, and I had a calm feeling with not much anxiety at all. The power came on and I was still alright, I started to read your new posts still I was fine. Then I started to feel a stress coming on while reading some of that scum manifesto from Valerie Solonis, the stress also coincided with when a neighbor arrived to their home. No facts here, but the coincidence of her arriving at home, and this restlessness made me think.

Anonymous said...

It could be that the American Idol humiliation is an extension or yet another arm of what TI's experience. Meanwhile, Simon Cowell will never ever have to worry about getting up there and letting judges put him through that hell.

Also, State Troopers are in on this harassment too, I've noticed. Last night, I was rebelling and not doing what the perps wanted, which pisses them off intensely. And then I see this State Trooper pull up to the stop sign. He sits there and waits and waits, and since it's dark out, he puts on his spotlight right in my eyes. This was probably intended to get a reaction from me, or I've experienced this from town cops as well, the same exact tactic. And it always coincides with me rebelling against the system. So it seems like an intimidation or punishment to get me back in line. Interesting how the Trooper never stopped and questioned me. Just brighted me, and drove off. And there was one car driving down the street that was doing similar, putting his high beams on as he drew close to me with his car.

So as a TI, you will get the brighting tactic a lot. The question is, what function does it serve? And the fact that State Cops are doing it shows you this is sanctioned at a high level. It'd be interesting to see if a person known to work for the CIA or FBI would do something similar. State Cops are basically federal employees, so it's interesting to find out why they gangstalk targets also. Maybe they will get a bigger pension or a promotion to Lieutenant, or even a government job. But it was very state sponsored, the brighting.