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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mel Gibson Tackled The Military Industrial Complex In Movie Before He Had Breakdown

Gibson takes on MA state military defense industry in new movie 2010:

This movie was put out in the beginning of the year in February.

By July these were the headlines:

I suspected he was targeted just becuz of the content of his rants. Racism, being abusive and anti-Semitism. The thing about the organized harassment stalking and psy ops system is that they are inventive and perhaps creative but they tend to, like the military itself, use something as standard if it works well on any chosen enemy. Much of what they do mirrors what is going on in military or pentagon affairs overtly as I have noted before.

I have simply been out of touch without good, safe access to computers to sit and really stumble around finding content and being rested enough and safe enough to see the entire picture in many of the events connected to gang stalking generally in society. Needless to say that while sleeping outside recently even being in one general metro area for a year, I still couldnt see everything that was going on. And I now fully realize that going to MIT to use the computers wasnt a good idea due to the content of my work. Not only did I subject myself to further abuse from this system but I wasted my time really. I never fully grasped MIT's total role in these affairs- how long they have been involved in such things. The man who mapped out the modern day military industrial complex went to MIT.

It seems that they favor making you go off and start blaming all blacks and Jews for your predicament. Turning Targets into white supremacists out of sheer frustration, vengeance and survival instinct seems a favorite especially since Obama and Biden got into office, which of course, like everything 'They' do, serves dual or multi purpose.

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