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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ignorant Socialist Site Claims 'Black Ops' Never Have African Americans As Operatives

This post and this site must be a black ops creation in itself becuz there are multiple Targeted Individuals who claim 'gang stalkers' are of all walks of life- in other words we experience every class, every race, every religion etc engaging in organized stalking and harassment campaigns against TI's. Every African American TI has a story about African American gang stalking perps, they often do a post or two about 'black on black' violence. They probably feel thier own race shouldnt be participating in harassing other blacks. COINTELPRO proved that house slaves are alive and well- and nowadays, they are professionals. Not that they werent back then but these bastards now are extremely nasty.

I personally have experienced a high frequency of African Americans, men specifically involved in my campaign especially during Bush (president) and Hayden (head of CIA).


The perps usually turn out to be people who are felons or have sex charges on thier rap sheets. Some seem in gangs we all know that the military is riddled with every gang you can imagine all colors, races etc or they could just be civilians that need money or actual psy ops professionals employed either by a private company through outsourcing (like Blackwater) or working for a 'state actor' directly. How is the TI supposed to know? The TI is usually a prisoner who is isolated and harassed daily.
Thats all we know unless we are dropped information or we find something revealing doing research.

The jerk who wrote this never had to grow up in Boston during bussing in the 70's I guess. The "oppositional culture" bullsh*t is not that innocent. Its intimidation plain and simple, except I notice that its usually done only to whites they can get away with it in front of, becuz they are ultimately snobs which they got from being in the south. One man from Virginia described blacks as "They think they are better than everyone else". Unfortunately the ones who need support most from other poor people and society in general are NOT the ones acting like aggressive, territory pissing sexist jack asses in public. Yet we allow this to influence our perceptions of blacks especially black men, and Obama can stick that average female white person crap becuz there is nothing average about me. I know who pisses me off with the focus of a laser beam, I form my opinions on experience and fairness and self defense not some suburban paranoia. Another reason to target and oppress me- I can show example not o nly of rich white oppression but also African American culture also being oppressive- not in the interest of being 'oppositional' but simply repeating the same behaviors instilled in them by abusive sociopathic slave masters and other whites over well as perhaps they inheriting osme of the same DNA of such people. (This post is going to go over well isnt it? Like I give a f*ck at this point. Everyone hates honesty and investigation of unpopular theories more than anything else.)

Blacks have a special way of being a-holes. It doesnt beat out what rich whites are capable of its just different. Every race has its style of being obnoxious animals. If you want to claim that doesnt exist just becuz a certain 'race' has been victimized then you arent being realistic.

African Americans in Boston have always picked on and acted up around whites who were not the ones given them food stamps and cash or anything else they needed. My uncle from Arkansas went into a store once and for the first time in my low income Yankee existence I saw that northern blacks had manners. Blacks are also alot smarter than they let on, another habit form the south- my grandfather from New Orleans used to use this one and I have seen other southerners do this.

Portraying most blacks as still impoverished, ignorant minorities is the best cover that black ops and other criminals every had, and they know it.

If you havent noticed I take great pains to try to remain fair even under duress. Its my nature bu t its also to prove a point about Political Correctness in an era where 'black ops' is being used to create a police state...all the while preaching tolerance and other pipe dream bs. You claim Tolerance and Diversity while Starbucks and other corporate entities destroy American culture and the ability for regular folks to enjoy our lives here and ot afford to do so in most major cities nowadays.

My being fair while ripping apart myths shows that truth does not equal PC/Diversity/Equality as the concepts they are being marketed as in our modern society. They are being used to hold society hostage and teach brain washing so no one questions what is really going on. Driving someone like me to be racist with harassment working on old wounds they know all too well, is a great way to discredit someone doing what I am doing.

I have seen blacks engage in this 'oppositional' gesturing as they have been part of gang stalking campaigns and slowly assisted The Man in ruining my life. All for money, yet what is so obnoxious is thier posturing makes it seem so personal. As if they had some vendetta against me personally. Which is why I cant respect black criminals, unless they act professionally which black ops people dont usually. I guess if yer out to piss someone off and make them suicide being obnoxious and lording power over them is a good method so perhaps they are professionals. I just dont understand why torture is so necessary. Why not just kill the Target?

Anyway my point is that plenty of blacks in the military -good, bad, gang members what-have-you, are trained. Anyone trained in anything military is now more dangerous than any civilian will ever be. Cops make the worst gang stalkers for a reason. The blacks I have encountered involved in black ops are the single most viscous, obnoxious, selfish, self obsessed, braggart, annoying, sick, f*cked up pieces of sh*t in all my experience being harassed NATIONWIDE for a lifetime of being targeted even.

You have to realize that there are alot of messed up people that are hired for these harassment campaigns. I have seen their work...some of it is totally insane. They act like insane people end of story.

In today's social climate the only thing you have to watch out for is blacks that seem like allies turning on us due to social pressures which was probably always a problem of mistrust between peoples anyway.

I know its just a stupid website but bleeding heart Liberals and beyond actually believe this kind of nonsense.

When it comes to covert warfare- there are no allies except the ones that protect you and have informants drop you information. There are probably sympathizers but TI's dont see that so its not something you can grab onto directly.

Believe me, there are plenty of African American psy ops operatives. There are also plenty of African American Masons and other secret societies, organized crime gangs,and anything else you could imagine where stealth, intelligence and absolute hatred and inhumanity to rival any other race is necessary.

Actually, assuming or claiming that blacks are not capable or employed in such positions is racist in itself.

And one must also consider that many of the BUSH administration's members are from old established families in the US who either had slaves or benefited from slavery as businessmen. Slaves built most of the east cost for f*cks sake.

As far as I am concerned this country is still racist and holding blacks down- they should figure out in real math terms what the cost of labor was and trace people's ancestry etc and also give every single African American person who hails from slave labor free DNA testing until every one of them knows who they are and what the full story is. It would do alot more than welfare checks ever could. When you hear me speak like this, write whatever, you realize that I am the last one who wnats to be racist. Actually the Man is threatened by someone who is an outsider, a Third Waver who thinks more like a European and threatens to take his house slaves away. Becuz that is exactly what I have experienced them to still be- which is why I hate them for being sexist bastards to me but usually dont have as much hate for them as the people who betrayed me personally...(unless I stay in Central Sq Cambridge for too long, then yes, I want to start reading Stormfront just to survive and not go postal- even then one wonders why blacks in that area are so obnoxious, that it must be MIT/Harvard using African Americans for black ops or special intrest protection in that area Cambridge blacks just suck to me, in general. They DO think they are better than!)

As harsh as some people think the truth is (awww, grow up) if you want to survive being a TI you will get real very quickly. Blacks are not total victims and they are not your friends just by virtue of being African American. Using blacks as allies is as tricky as other classes or demographics in which YOU are not a member of. All yo can do is choose wisely and dont be blinded by PC or other nonsense becuz there are good and helpful blacks out there.

African Americans are out for a growth spurt right now and like a black Friday sale at WalMart they are going to destroy anyone in the way to get it. That is what this climate feels like to someone my age. They are no way going to hang with us in the gutter like they used to, so they can no longer be trusted as easily. I cant blame them for taking this position but as a Third Waver and not being a part of these deep rooted American dynamics here in the USA I have to think differently about what is going on in America socially and politically. As a Third Waver actually some of what goes on in America seems foriegn to me and hard to understand.

Often these days I percieve African Americans as a part of a triad that IS the origin of the United States that does NOT include any of my ancestry: whites who arrived early on, African Americans brought over as slaves and Jews who worked in the backround but were always present. Native Americans of course but the way I interact with them its away from the areas where the former three demographics have strong holds on the area.

But I know one thing: dont trust Blacks becuz they work for Whitey potentially as house slaves, if you dont believe this then read up on it during the slave days as well as African American's taking part in covert ops during every war back to the civil war and probably the American Revolution.

So how could they NOT be trained in black ops becuz they obviously have been performing that function, even in the simple action of spying for the Man during slavery or ensuring field hands couldnt bolt for freedom?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I do think some of your experiences w blacks, black males, is how this system has customized their targeting to you, as you mention "opening old wounds".
I do agree about the 'house slaves' who have chosen to gain at their own peoples detriment, throughout history. There's some webpages that talk about rich, powerful blacks and connections to masonry and the 'boule'.
In my case, being not black or white, and orig being from a multicultural area...the targeting sort of pushes that blacks are my friends/allies, that racist whites were behind my original targeting, the latter may be true. There are (very few) possible 'allies' for a target in all races, imo. I tend to see the whole 'blacks are your allies' to just be a manipulation of the system, to try to make me do what they want, like going to church. Plus ive gotten a good amount of perping from blacks, along with all other races.