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Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Riots: Do Cons Like This Still Work In The 21st Century?

Mainstream media.

Alternative media:

Even the NY Times article tells of upper middle class or employed and affluent people involved in the rioting yet many newspapers are sticking with the official lines of blaming the underclass.

Also note that there was a proposed cut in police numbers which now of course doesn't look like a great idea.

Cameras everywhere in the UK. Oppressive police...next perhaps carrying guns and lots of new toys from the military industrial complex.

You introduce elements into a society through immigration then you have that culture in an overbearing anti terror lockdown. Then you keep the pressure on like raising tuition fees dramatically. Which will only keep that alienated class of people even more so.

With all the anti terrorism countries such as US and UK have with UK having a survaillence system that is everywhere in cities like London, one has to ask how this even got this far. Not to mention the presence of covert intelligence on various levels from undercover cops on trains etc to moles in activist groups.

And in thus day and age riots broke out? Its such a con. Note many papers mention a slow initial response by police and politicians.

If the general public would simply understand ONE thing: that collectively over years these events are simply a conspiracy for powerful forces to get their way with the world, a sort of all out temper tantrum by the 'elite' if you will, THEIR version of destruction, looting and raping- then these events would not have the power or impact they do ad of now.

All your average person sees is the world going to hell or becoming violent and depressing.

People either shut down and become insensitive or they feel there is nothing they personally can do. These are forms of intimidation to force people to believe and behave as the powers that be want them to.


  1. The Elite etc: for the past few hundreds of years you will see examples of this. There are incidents going back hundreds of years here and there that I can see are examples of the elite having its way and getting certain people who are a threat out of their way. This is nothing new, however. And I believe it is an old practice that has been refined so they can get even more people out of the way than ever before.

  2. EXCELLENT observation of the london riots.

  3. Just watched the response of the BP on the riots. Seems the riots were made to happen in order to have contingency plans for future riots, those plans including the option of having the army assist the police. U.S wants this too, so my guess is that civil unrest will be in America too. There needs to be a reason to have the Posse Comitatus Act fully suspended.