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Friday, August 5, 2011

An Email Gives Accurate Description of Targeted Individual's Experiences

This was in an email that was inviting TIs to a conference call. I thought I would post the meat of the letter as it is an pretty accurate description of what a Targeted Individual encounters within a campaign.

This is the typical TI experience it seems. Survivors of programming, RA related or not, seem to have much more intricate experiences. Much more overt experimentation experiences such as MILABs (non alien, humans only, but experiencing frightening events with said human abductors) seem to be the case for mind control and programming survivors. Anyone who understands covert ritual abuse and whats involved, especially the Satanic variety, knows what anyone who's targeted in connection with that experiences. Ritualistic in nature. The ritual abusers working on these levels of The Elite if you will, dont have to use basements with tunnels and theatrical ritualistic trappings. Its done now with psychic warfare and heavy use of technologies as well as a large group of 'gang stalking' perpetrators. Psychological warfare military quality or similar state actor as well as access to tech of the same grade tells us that its very likely the military connected to the occult. If anyone doubts this take note of how much money is involved in the industrial complex, their contractors and the fact that they make money off of war and death. Also many religious beliefs are present in the US military as well as various gang membership throughout the ranks. And once someone leaves thier position they can take thier expertise, complete with tax payer funded training and go anywhere from the private sector to organized crime.

The public only see their military as the hokey, romanticized images that exist on television and in movies.

"We invite all Targeted Individuals and members of ANY or ALL groups, to join us on our conference call who want investigations NOW. Everyday that we are fighting among each other, this is what the enemy does to create chaos, we will NEVER be able to expose the truth. We have FREE options, which are available to us.

I have been placed in a non-consensual human experiment, which utilizes highly advanced electronic/electromagnetic technology and COINTELPRO operations. Here are some examples. Give an example of what you are going through: Here's a summary of some of COINTELPRO experiences by TIs:
(1) Ability to enter our dwellings, vehicles, at any time without showing evidence of a break-in. These are not regular burglars, but high-tech burglars who can bypass alarm systems or even locks to do their high-tech harassment. Many TIs have reported continuous "trouble with their vehicles". The fluids (power steering, windshield washer, and oil) are drained from our vehicles. One TI brought a Medeco lock, which is supposed to be impossible to pick and has found his front door unlocked. I recently heard the story of a neighbor, who thought someone was entering my house when I left so I brought a surveillance camera. The surveillance camera videotaped the woman's neighbor entering my house, not using a key, but using some type of electronic equipment to gain entry to my house without any signs of forced entry. This is called covert entry, which law enforcement have received training or have knowledge of this type of covert harassment. ;
(2) Ability to know things that we say or do within the "privacy of our home" by means of electronic surveillance devices
(3) ability to keep our phones tapped and to hear our conversations on calls from pay phones, landlines, or cell phones
(4) Availability of unlimited numbers of people to harass us in various ways; Many people have become informants or moles. They may be your relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and you may even worship with them.; Many TIs have experienced covert drugging or covert rape.Many TIs have experienced the tampering of records, including motor vehicles records, medical records.
(5)Ability to obtain cooperation by employees of private business, State, Federal, and local government in harassment operations without the knowledge of the President/CEO; The TIs are dealing directly with informants/moles. Many TIs have complained that after eating out, they complain of feeling very fatigue because of what they consumed. This is called covert drugging.
(6) Ability to alienate family, friends, and business associates through false accusations or false evidence used to create false negative beliefs about us
(7) Police Participation; Many TIs have complained that the police have refused to conduct investigations or even take a police report. In many cases, the police are doing an event case so that they do not have to write a report and
(8) Ability to tamper with products without showing evidence of tampering; The computers, cameras, or flash drives have been altered. Many TIs have purchased new electronics only to find out later that the products have been opened or tampered with by someone.


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Mike said...

About this email invitation you got, to me it seems to be from a disinfo site. (govsponsoredstalking). I would not trust that site, the videos prove nothing but things to make a target look paranoid. The pictures of the perps don't have that special appearance to them. They appear to look like innocent people, and few would buy into that as gangstalking not even a target. If anything the site seemed to edge me with the music constantly playing when you change the page of stupid music. A clear message of stalking has to be explained when using video, things like random people coming and going is not enough evidence, I get clear directed signals when it is visual and could explain most attacks where one would be able to understand. For instance the one I told you about with the "just do it" Nike shirts. If targets are going to video, tape something that makes sense.