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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Construction Projects That Just Happen To Be Outside TI's Dwelling- Augh, SOOO Late Clinton

The inevitable Construction Project complete with Early Morning Jack Hammer Noise has begun! And right on schedule! Usually in this geographic location its anywhere from one week to one month and that is especially in the summer.

Funny now in a run down neighborhood, the building I am in, this driveway to the back lot gets chosen to be taped off and jackhammered! Gee maybe they will do the same to the whole driveway! It will take all of August and Sept probably!

Again, dont care. Old tactics, old news. Doesnt work anymore. Due to being so harassed around the country for years and becoming a back packing traveler noise no longer affects sleep as much as well as its been years since I was able to get truly deep sleep. The brain damage from not only the mold but years of noise campaigns and so on has made that kind of sleep, the healing kind, something from my youth.

This is an example however of the Target evolving by taking evasive action and the enemy staying stationary and thus, retaining the same battle style. I have noted that another pretty good rule, not rule of thumb, but one you can consider to be true much of the time- so consider it- is that perps staying in one geographical location usually retain the same tactics even decades later. For them this has worked Target after Target to drive people out or whatever was involved in the campaign.

And due to the structure of the physical space in specific geographical locations, these tactic styles and MOs seem to have to be retained. In other words what works in an area like eastern MA with its small streets, one ways, heavy union influence, constant construction, traffic flowing predictably depending on the neighborhood structure, and personality of its residents and visitors, is NOT going to work in say San Diego CA or St Louis MO etc.

In my travels each location has a distinct way they operate that is visible to me as a TI. I dont get to see the inner workings such as pay offs etc first hand, though I have experienced the Awards-As-Rewards system with my ex boyfriend as well as some people connected to his work from this area. But the intel a TI can gather on local gang stalking activity from experiencing it over years and traveling to simply experience it elsewhere, eventually one sees not just patterns but entire operations nationally.

In the end, you realize travel is a by product of 'Gang Stalking' not the other way round.

Why any system would expect the TI to not adapt I cannot understand.

Yet I often wonder if the system has not pushed many of us into writing blogs so that they can get free info on how to improve thier system. Which of course should have costed them a consulting fee but we are slaves right?

Another theory is that the FBI and other agencies or state actors may push people into becoming terrorists or acting out in order to test thier systems. However, in St Louis I experienced the actual process in creating a lone shooter incident which was NOT averted, so its doubtful.

Yeah....when I think about MILABs and the lone shooter incident and that beheading on a Greyhound bus that was in the news- Greyhound being so involved with the perps-it makes jack hammers at 7 am seem trite. Loud construction outside the TI dwelling is so late Clinton. Tsk, really.


  1. yeah, there was definitely something up with that greyhound incident.

  2. Seriously...I'm blown away to see this post. For THREE WEEKS NOW...it has taken them THREE WEEKS to do the sidewalk next to my house. Jackhammers at 7am.

    Only flaw in this little nut plan? My neighbors are onto this now.

    Seriously, this tactic is soooo lazy it's unreal. Nevermind the fact that streets in this city are damaged beyond compare and this happens every single august no matter where I live - in the old place tho the tactic was literally every morning at precisely 7:30am a cop would drive by and run his siren for 2-3 seconds...a big WHOOOOOP...DAILY, until OOOPS, I got an air purifier fan that is so loud the white noise drown them out. Wonder how many more weeks they kept doing it without realizing I couldn't hear it...so tired of this...and honestly I know it might not even be personally aimed at me, at this point us TIs are not so alone anymore...they are doing this to BLANKET neighborhoods of low income people...this is how they keep us DRAINED.

    Seriously...ask your neighbors and people you encounter from now on, they will tell you they can't sleep deeply anymore either. ONLY THE RICH SLEEP LIKE BABIES in this evil system.