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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Susan Atkins Interviews
The sad thing is that mind controlled slaves arent really in charge of thier decision making. 3000 acid trips is alot of LSD. Which of course along with connections to the COS and thus the military one should start to think MK Ultra and human experimentation utilizing LSD.

Years later she would be in jail dying of brain cancer. She spent her lifetime helping others and the look in her eyes isnt one of a controlled Satanic slave but years of suffering in that jail cell in that prison. Years of suffering that ON TOP OF what she had suffered years before as a human being.

What I am saying is that its disgusting this society has so little sympathy for what is obviously brainwashing in its worst degree with links to cults related to STATE ACTORS. The public is ignorant so they think shes just a horrible person. Yet she had suffered all her life to begin with and yet she was the one who had to be in prison for life. Its a bit too much of a moralistic point of view. That she should have to live in prison and be of service to humanity in order to work off some sort of spiritual debt whereas the very system that is responsible lives on.

Expendable people. Patsys. Its no surprise she comes from nothing.

Society needs to start realizing that the powers that be can cause these things to happen as well as then make it look like the isolated work of a lone nutter or a cult etc.

What happened to me during Bush, they way I was chased and harassed around the country- much of it resembles what is done to alot of these other people we read about. Except I didnt go postal and refused to break. Yet, in St Louis as you can look up in my posts from that time period, I was practically ordered via heavy tech use as the delivery system to SERVE HUMANITY. As if I had done something so wrong to deserve a life of servitude, after already having had to live a life of servitude.
Besides the fact, which I stressed in my posts, I was going to help people with my life experience which is what I wanted to go to UMass for.

This adds up to a system that wants to use people who are expendable (usually poor people or throw aways from connected or rich families) for various dirty work to keep thier system working and then throw them out of the system and either push them to suicide or lone shooter and if that doesnt work, they are made to serve humanity as if they did something horribly wrong. The only difference between Susan Atkins and myself is that I never murdered anyone or did other outrageous crime and I never had to go to prison for such a thing either. I didnt let them force me into such a thing but there is a very good chance I could have been pressured into such action and thus my fate would have been sealed- exactly like hers.

Most compelling are her words to her then husband at the end of her life. She can't change public opinion so helping people in jail is the next best thing.

And what makes things more confusing is criminals who are truly nuts and very shrewd know enough or did years ago, to try to claim they were multiples or other mind control related issues, in order to try to make it look like they didn't know what they were doing. So of course the penal system believes that everyone is lying all the time or do so willingly they being part of the system on the legit official side. (one of the men in the hillside strangler cases did this once he was brought in for questioning.)

The gang stalkers act like we deserve to be targeted. As if its some sort of community watch becuz we are so horrible. Its bs of course becuz people way crazier than me with money and connections have great lives right now. On the cover story level I was singled out and many excuses were made, like "It doesnt pay to be poor" and this sort of nonsense. This Waltham cab driver was saying in response to Scott Ashmanski being in my apartment terrorising and abusing information out of me, I didnt mention all that just complained about my boyfriend. He then let on that he knew everything and said "Oh that wont be for much longer" or that wont last much longer and then he stated that viscious bs about being poor. Like that was the reason this was happening.

Do these people actually believe this bs themselves? I am hoping it was a psy ops creep who was simply pushing the cover story. I often wonder if higher ups let this happen to me and used me as bait to catch whatever psychos are behind doing shit like this. People would tell me I was used. "You were used" in whatever was going on locally. How so?

In the end none of that matters. I know that my mother is the daughter of two US Marines and that she was given radium suppositories and raditation treatments at that Naval Hospital and she was harassed out of the Pres Advis Committee on Human Experimentation in '95. I know that is what this is really about. Its about whatever was in those files that Helms destroyed in the '70s. And they want the matter to stay closed too.

The truth is that one can easily see the connections between the military and Satanic factions or other cults. Jim Jones is another example. Many gs groups I have encountered seem to have much of the same dynamics of mind control and group dynamics as well as fear of more powerful members. The way the people in this group seem used to violence, that all the hardcore sh*t that goes on is normalized to them. That is nothing short of mind control. No one normal or healthy acts out in these ways much less is part of a hate group for hire. Most of them seem like sick f*cks and you can tell sick family dynamics are present in the groups as well as sexual abuse or use of sex for control. So tell me why are people so Manson-like and so much resembling Jim Jones's cult running around performing psy ops for either state actors or for hire and outsourced working for a private entity?

By the way, not to be insensitive but if your daughter is married to Roman Polansky I dont how you expected that would be a safe situation to begin with. If Rosemary's Baby wasnt a tip off I can think of some others. Go ahead blame the dirt poor white trash murderous brunette bitch. Manipulative, attractive women are way less intimidating to go after as opposed to Aquino and his 'peoples'...right?

I love how the official system works to have things move just so and end in just the right way as to hide what goes on in the underground or shadow system in our society. And I dont think the public want true justice. They just want to retain the high standard of living that the shadow system affords them and have things end neatly and tidy in the official storyline.

Its coming to a time when they will no longer have that luxury. The beauty of Bush is that he forces America to either face up to reality or become more enslaved that in prior history.

WHAT THEY PUT IN JAIL WAS NOT THE PERSON MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR MURDER, THAT WOULD HAVE LED TO HIGHER UPS. THEY PUT IN JAIL THE IDEA- THE PROOF THAT SATANISM EXISTS IN OUR SOCIETY. That is why Atkins is most hated. Her behaivor and demeanor are so Satanic that people just want to get it out of thier sight and chock it up to murders being crazy for unknown reasons or purely psychological ones. Yes, the abuse of psychology is used to create mind controlled slaves but there has to be ritual abuse and there has to be cult mind control. There is a point where the power that is the human spirit is manipulated- that seems the greatest threat of all. Becuz if people believed in a spirit within them capable of feats of animal strength then they would also then believe in a spirit capable of equal amounts of healing power and the ability to transform this world humans live in.

I didnt write SATAN exists, I wrote SATANISM. From what I can tell from my experiences, without technologies, psychic warfare, chemical warfare and psychology 'Satan' wouldnt have a chance. Humans create these conditions. And if there is such an entity, if we arent being fooled by such smoke and mirrors then its just another thing we have to learn to handle and defend ourselves against. And I dont mean Judeo-Christian religions. Why cant good just 'be'? The good in people?


Anonymous said...

One definition of holocaust is 'a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering'. So there is a question if the sufferings the Nazis inflicted on Jewish people was in fact a burnt offering. In affect creating a question if Nazis were in fact Jewish themselves making the crimes they are accused of more a ceremonial sacrifice than an act of hate.

Anonymous said...

Some people believe the technologies, psychic warfare, and chemical warfare you speak of was made possible from knowledge obtained through satan so his people can create a satanic society.

sean said...

I am a TI and I'm currently helping to collect testimonies for the Presidential Bio Ethics Commission and Congress regarding non-consensual human experiments. They have forms and examples. The main point is to frame your testimony around non-consensual human experimentation and stay away from the term gang stalking. Trust me on that. This group has a retired lawyer who is also a TI leading and he spends a lot of his time on this for free. We are pushing for a congressional investigation. You can contact Lucy at for help. Tell them that Sean P. sent you. Thanks!