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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anti Terrorist Covert Actions During Bush, Why Cant The Public Grasp Fully The Abuse Of Power

And what terrorist threat did someone like me pose?

The most disgusting part of this isnt the elite, if you will at higher levels. Its how completely unbelievable it was and still is to see local police and civilians in the community part of this. To experience just how many people knew who I was as I traveled cross country and was recognized, stalked and harassed by people who upon engaging with me, seemed to be working off of having superior knowledge of not only my life both public and private but my most inner workings psychologically.

Why cant the public grasp the reality of these kinds of campaigns upon a targeted person. Its like they draw a line mentally at understanding all the corruption that is documented as above and then making a jump just a bit further to out and out corruption is beyond thier capacity. They cannot believe that a system that is already corrupt and can be shown to be as such would be capable of that much abuse of power.

Why not its just another jump forward into the darkness. Into intrigue and criminality.

In this day and age for people to actually believe that someone, like myself or any other person who has dirt on important and influencial people, who run the risk along with other persons in contact with the targeted person- is merely mentally ill despite all the evidence to the contrary is nothing short of Willful ignorance.

They act like the Target simply doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things- so why not just be honest about it?
The problem is that America has such a mom and apple pie, human rights advocating image to protect that it has to keep that front up at any cost. I mean ANY.

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Epic fail for Romney.