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Thursday, August 18, 2011

DARPA Contracts Get Reviewed For Possible Corruption- Too Little Too Late

read text at bottom, zoom in to view it. Its best to look up this page in cache with his name and DARPA as being the Google keywords:

google "massachusetts military industrial complex" for interesting results

I never realized just how much MA gets its money from the military industrial complex. Its basically one of the main states for this industry. I guess, when a place is perceived sentimentally by a person, especially someone who has been regressed and also living in survival mode as a human being- 'home' isnt viewed realistically.

Especially when I believe whats mine is MINE and the rest of the state sees me as nothing more than a hinderance to making money and a pesky victim witness to various levels of corruption. Now that I think about it, only this state with its cut throat academia, mob connections etc etc would be such a perfect place for this industry to operate.

Still it didnt help much that I get harassed anywhere I go anyway so it doesnt much matter if I am here or in some other state.

The main con job in this reflects what they are doing in govt right now. Only now with Obama in do I see anyone going after corrupt govt. During Bush and the rest of the strong male dominated greedy fascist types in charge this never would have happened, in fact it couldnt have becuz corruption especially on levels of probation, police etc etc was necessary from 2001 to like, last year, to create the living hell of a prison like police state we all had to exist in.

Now that a female is at DARPA, now there is some question into DARPA or contracts? This is the least of the problems believe me. There are some very messed up things going on connected to these industries and checking out contracts for conflict of interest is the only concern? Becuz its overt thats why. And why pass up an opportunity to LOOK as if you are putting yet another distrusted, suspect govt connected corporate private sector type entity into the spotlight for inspection; then you can pass them for inspection or clear up some small corruption and its as if yet another one of the Bush era evil minions is now under control- while the real criminals are safely tucked away into history with all that money they made and all those war crimes.

Not quite people. Not just yet.

Re writing time lines isnt as easy as you thought eh? Lets see who wins.

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