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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Denver Airport

I am not usually one to be receptive to conspiracies about FEMA camps etc. I have run into too many disinfo agents and hysterics. People who information hoard and waste TI's time with lots of scare tactics and paranoia, which usually is a mind control tactic. Its cult mind control indoctrination. Christine, that activist I dealt with, the one who after getting me angry with her publicly magically got an inheritance and now doesnt seem interested in the NWO anymore, spreading info constantly and harassing people with it, thus discrediting the rest of us- she now is focused on buying some sort of property. The people in the homeless drop in I was at helped her with this. Of course.

For whatever reason, many people are not concerned about any of this. They are usually people who seem to know about gang stalking but then deny it when directly asked or when TI's look for validation. Yet at other times they speak of it existing- these are more tactics to handle mind control survivors who are targeted. These people usually work within the system somewhere. They often seem to hate TI's the way that most perps do and even make fun of the extreme trauma we go through as if we are a lesser group of humans and deserve this. They are NOT typical Nazi types. They are gay, straight, all races, all classes, Democrat, Republican etc etc. The only explaination is that they believe cover stories. One woman who worked in this drop in commented once that "the problem is that after you are followed and harassed you keep thinking people are still following you" in relation to my situation. This shows me that some very naive people out there are willing to accept that I was harassed and followed in some part of the federal investigation cover story but they dont want to believe it goes further than that. There have also been arrogant Christians (the fake lazy kind) who have commented that sometimes people are "born into satanic incestuous cults or families", which then leads me to believe they know its deeper than the federal investigation but they are STILL ignorant of whats fully going on because if not, they would not be intimating that I was indeed followed but now am only suffering from mental illness induced by being followed and harassed.

These are people who are more dangerous than the ones who know nothing about these subjects to begin with. Your average person upon being able to grasp what this encompasses would be understandably upset and feel it unjust. There is something very wrong with people who go along with ANY of whats involved with either the NWO or Targeted Individuals. No matter what the rationale is there is NOT excuse for what TI's have to go through.

This particular subject with this airport seems valid. Totally.


Anonymous said...

I've found that walking in a mall was a very good move. Kids can't get away with screaming in there, and perps can't get away with verbal harassment. (They actually managed that though towards the end of my visit.) I don't know why they do it so much, if kids hate me so much or what. Everyone seems to have this attitude that we are downgraded members of society who don't belong around "normal" people. It seems like society is conditioned to associate TI's with negative things this way or that it's OK to treat TIs like that because they are getting supported all the way. It's like the way I was blatantly brighted on the way home. Just because I blogged about brighting, they have to send some ass to ride up and down the road and put on the high beams intentionally and make it real obvious. One clue as to why they are so brave is when I have called the cops about gangstalking incidents, they either took their sweet time to respond or didn't respond at all, or the dispatcher hung up on me. This tells me these perps know they are being supported, that the cops will stand down or the dispatcher will cut them off. That was very unprofessional the way that one report was handled. Law enforcement in a TI's home town will not do make arrests or citations ( as they should because harassment is harassment) if it is obviously gangstalking related. The only choice is to get a video cam, and get their license plate in the video, and post them somewhere on a blog or youtube. But then targets should be real careful with the video cam deal. If a target overuses this, it can actually be more of a hindrance, as the law enforcement tends to favor perps more than the victims of these crimes.

Anonymous said...

Thus the theory stands that East Germany was allowed to happen, and if this is true, could future conflicts also be manipulated and made to happen? Class conflicts of rich vs Poor, Religious Conflicts, Political conflicts, Color Conflicts, etc.

Anonymous said...

wow. there must be something in the ether about the murals. I heard about them some time ago, but after watching a recent report about the famine, it brought to mind the part of the murals with the women and children.

gotta mention one thing about how, after TIs have been mostly 2-dimensional fictional people on paper (especially for people who have little or no experience knowing you IRL), ppl seem to feel pretty comfortable speaking for us, i.e., reasons why we do things, etc. It's all such projection and/or continuation of prescribed and predictable narratives. I'd love to hear something other than "TIs do stuff out of fear or reactivity." No, actually, a lot of times we choose mindfully or plan when we have the choice to do so. End of story.

But then that's no fun for the soc engs and hand wringers, is it? And it certainly doesn't invite people to continue feeling that they are needed in the overall psychociv farce. Blergh. Really, they just need to get a grip on themselves, is all. Just because some soc eng arrangements are possible doesn't mean they are necessary. Jeez, the economy is in the tank and they're are seriously concerned with irrelevant, inconsequential minutiae. Guess it makes them feel like they're doing their duty to society. How nice. (Not that it's at anyone else's expense or anything). They forget that part.

Anonymous said...

Gangstalking is basically people management, as I see it, and as you had said before. Evidence of that is that there are plenty of rewards they give us in addition to punishment and negative reinforcement psychology. They are, in effect, managing us. They do try to balance the rewards and punishments in a way that keeps us on track to where we are supposed to "be", according to our "managers". I don't think they are necessarily out to kill us, unless someone very powerful is out there and is threatened somehow, as in threatened to lose their empire, money, etc. Also, it is a money making operation.

I believe they are trying to tame us down and shape us into "normal" so we can fit into this engineered society.

Anonymous said...

Very good post about having to defend yourself. I find myself in that situation all the time as a TI. And I sometimes had to go somewhere else to avoid the gangstalking show, which is often a ridiculous circus. In fact, I have driven out of town to a different store just to avoid the in-town Yokels who know who I am and try to get off on my situation. One time I had one perp say "coward" out the window as he was driving past, and I suppose it had to do with the fact that I went somewhere else to do my business.

And I witnessed people who perped me doing this, but they probably don't get harassed, and they do as they please.

And I got called a homophobic name for avoiding female perps, or walking alone through town on a saturday night. So that is the logic. Or is it behavior modification, to accept being belittled by female perps and/or for choosing to be alone? And on the being single front, it is my choice, and could this be a tactic to force me into a relationship, so I can be controlled via a girlfriend handler? I have had a few of these, girlfriends who seem to be perps. Some TIs talk about this, like the one guy who said his wife was a perp or a handler.

That seems to be a pressing goal of this people management now, to press me into being with a female handler.

Anonymous said...

Shooting rampages seem so common these days. I wonder if anyone really questions why these keep happening these days. One time I got asked by someone (who worked for the system, of course) what I thought of one particular person who went off like this. And then she says "What a wacko, huh?" And she kept emphasizing what a wacko the person was, etc. I declined to comment on the case, saying I heard about it but didn't have an opinion on it other than the fact that it was tragic.

And here is yet another one.

I wonder if these are helped along by our present-day society, which isn't a true Democracy but rather a controlled, programmed society. Our society has to be programmed and controlled like this, because someone is trying to institute a fascist type of parallel govt, and they can't pull this off without these underhanded control tactics, which by now are way out of control. And I believe these are desired outcomes, to push for new laws that the system can leverage to its advantage for even greater control.

Every time I see one of these, which happens an average of once a month, I am not surprised. I just figure it's because of the society we live in: covert fascism under the umbrella of "Democracy".

Anonymous said...

Although what anonymous posted may be correct, I don't think they will be caring much if their 'management of us' ended in our ruin, or death.