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Friday, August 5, 2011

Organized Harassment Project

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Anonymous said...

As I am watching the Wal Mart gangstalking video, I see he mentioned the screaming/crying kids, which is something they do a lot to me. The other day, while on foot, I saw a mother with her two kids slowly making their way across the street to their house, and I paused and watched from a distance. I could see they were hanging around and just lingering in front of their house instead of going inside, which meant I would have to pass by and get intimidated by some theater. The girl was also doing the screaming, but the screaming didn't last as long as usual. It seems they only want it to last as long as I notice they are doing it on purpose, and to also avoid the chance of getting caught. The video seems good, but a non target would not really see what the big deal is. The information he presents is good, too. Again, it illustrates that gangstalking is hard to capture on video.