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Friday, March 19, 2010

Who's the Bigger Mooch. The Pentagon or NASA?

But we may want to consider this:

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Medawar said...

If hidden budgets are any guide, the UK's social security system is being used for social control, rather than the military. Last month, both the unemployment figures AND the figures for those not in work, came down. Either large numbers of unemployed are being hidden, along with whatever monies sustain them, or there's a "Farewell Centre" in operation somewhere.

UK's Social Security budget is more than double the defence budget, despite the ongoing war in Afghanistan and preparations to repel Senora Kirchner's bid for political immortality over the Falklands.

The British military has never been interested in suppressing democracy, at home or anywhere else, and the current government is, so the money has moved to departments willing to do the deed. Such as the Metropolitan Police, Employment Service, Local Government Association etc.

The US Military, however, continue to get whatever they ask for, so presumably they've agreed to do whatever the British Military refused to do.

In the eighties, Parliament banned any secret military spending over £200M without reference to a select committee: would that they had imposed that ban on all departments and not just the military, who are the only ones with a truly legitimate reason for doing ANYTHING in secret.