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Friday, March 5, 2010

reality messes with the heads younger generation American born Cuban's or Welcome to the most dangerous American trait:Denial

So this kind of thing does happen. Just in countries like USA people are not overtly oppressed or kept from having material things so they dont know or care about 'spies everywhere.

It sounds to me like the 'American' part of the 'Cuban-American' psych is the only part that is damaged. The 'Cuban' part sounds like its hip to the reality of living under a dictatorship as well as the nature of man.

America has the right idea with oppressing only certain portions of the population and rewarding others. No Justice for some seems to work.
Yer just trading off one kind of dictatorship for another. Its just a different kind of soul sucking. And hey, who isnt up for trying something new, right?

Since Cuban Americans are now hip to a system that rewards you greatly for your servies and silence I am sure that there will be alot more rolling of eyes and denial. NOt out of ignorance but compliance.

Welcome to the land of opportunity.

Please leave your Soul, Inner Life, true Self, free Will and humanity at the door (what little you may have had under an overtly oppressive regine). Like flying on an aircraft we do not allow these items on board as they are common tools for terrorism against The System.
Have a nice flight.

By the way most old people are much wiser than you and youd do well to suck any knowledge out of them you can..they are the only rival to the tedious 'official line' that is towed constantly.
They make look unattractive and tell thier stories at painfully slow speeds but many times you come away with valuable info. Dont obey the old people necessarily...but listen to them.

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