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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Curiosly my health has improved

My allergies that were induced from taking that Bactrim pill a few months ago got bad yesterday. It doesnt make sense..I ate raisins and a new bag of little chocolate candies. Both these foods were fine with my condition before. The other factor is that it was getting ready to rain here and weather conditions make an affect on this city as its normal state is sunny. Whatever the deciding factor was I had an attack in the evening. I was in the library when it became evident that I had to go outside cuz I couldnt breathe. Stangely, the paramedic were there for some other reason, a drunk guy fell. It would have been just the right time to suffer an attack anyway.

It went on for a few hours. I came back to my new homeless shelter and due to the unusual nature of it there was mildew that was brought on by water and will be there for 2 days usually. There is alot of ventilation in this new place and I am doing better health wise here than Rachel's in back of the post office or The Rescue Mission in the old morgue of what used to be a hospital. Its not the morgue part that freaks me out its the no windows below ground part.

I thought I was going to have to get a hotel room as the mildew or mold in this place was affecting my breathing. It got a bit better and I decided to stay.

I awoke this morning with improved hearing, a feeling of nuch better health in general than in previous months. I also felt that my mind had cleared. My memory was improved. My sense of smell had returned a bit stronger. My senses were clearer.

I also didnt have the low level headache that I usually have.

Either the rain cleared out some pollutants in the city plus they washed the shelter with a good cleaning and that is why I feel better or more likely it has something to do with the mold/mildew clearing up some low level infection I had like antibiotics would.

Even though mold can make us sick indoors or in a building I am wondering if one of man's downfalls of sleeping inside and living in man made cities of concrete and asphalt isnt the removal from nature that may have had elements in it that co exist with human bodies to keep them healthier.
The relief I feel this morning is amazing. I havent felt this good in months.
I believe that my dental work is to blame as I have had a cavity in my left upper front as well as decay on a fake tooth left over from when the bad tooth next to it was pulled.

I get these headaches that are awful. It feels like I have a screw going thru my eye.

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