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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Leave me alone, let me write my book and then I will commit suicide BUT NOT BEFORE

That story is going to be written and it WILL be the last thing I will do. It WILL be over my dead body.
However, I will not die before that. I will do everything in my power to not become unable to function in order to perform my last task. That story is the only thing that will make sense of my actions and of my life. Dont worry cuz we all know no one is going believe me, so yer all off the hook as it is now anyway. I can imagine that the talk concerning what ever happened to her? Is either some lie concerning a happy ending that Americans love to hear to cover up harsh reality or its consisting of that I became homeless due to either drugs or mental illness. The betrayers and the perps are covered on all fronts. I dont know why its so important to try to get me to off myself before writing that story. Anyone who knows about me and what happened to me is either being told a cover story or knows the horror of the truth and feels bad but refuses to act or is in on it and wants me dead due to thier part in it. There is a whole world of people out there who dont know about me, targeted individuals, gang stalking, covert activity, mind control programming or any such related subject matter.
You should see Cali. A woman described it yersterday as a place where people like to focus on 'fun' and having a good time. No one likes politics etc. Gee I guessed already. They dont like politics but they are more than capable of quoting scripture or leaning on God. Without the politics involved that is, to me, very dangerous.
I have noticed that everything is lax here. Its too warm for winter, too easygoing and far too...careless but not carefree. Its a strange combination of uptight and easygoing. I can deal with it for a few months but it gets depressing. And everyone is too conformist..I went to OB today, Ocean Beach. Everyone said it was an old hippie community. By the description of 'old' I should have realized nowadays that translates to 'gentrified'. It was ok I guess but its still all about money and those annoying expensive little compact dogs. And I did not see anything very close to anarchy there like in Berkeley CA where they live it in thier daily lives..for all thier clique bs that pissed me off, they actually readily reject the system. Everyone in OB had new gas guzzling cars. I am sorry but its just not gritty enough for me..and by 'gritty' I dont mean the scummy nuthouse that is downtown San Diego. Its like the USA purposely has done away with any environment that is gritty but sane and affordable. I heard it described once on a gen x MTV show that made fun of the gentrification that was just getting into swing then. We could make fun of it when we were in our 20's. Now its not funny anymore cuz the bastards we were trying to warn everyone about actually pulled it off and they added the horors that have come along with 9-11 and a police state. THAT I dont think we saw coming.
I notice though that everyone who was savvy left when they saw the line up of the Bush administration..I just didnt have the resources to understand that line up was the one close to Nixon and Ford when I was a kid.
This character described was a snobby girl and said to her friend "Oh I like your neighborhood..its funky without being freaky". Exactly...funky 'lite' is actually what they want now. Its all these reformed Boomers, 'never were cool' Gen X'ers and Gen Y and Millenials who have no idea what freedom is being raised in the new millenium, the military and the police state.

So OB was Obviously Bullsh*t .
I also will not live in a place that is also a popular that no one should use as many of us have yet to figure out after 20+ years how to use them on the run due to the insertion process still being one of life's strictly female mysteries. And I dont want to know either.

Well if that did not either put a laugh into or ruin this writing on what was I writing about. Oh, see I am downtown again and this place sucks but it is somehow not as depressing as going out of dowtown to the beach. And what is up with Old Town..its like stopping in the Twighlight Zone to catch a connector.

I know that much of old town is haunted but CA doesnt seem to handle haunted very well. I think its to do with the fault line the land is on...or something else I am not aware of. If you dont believe me about Old Town go look it up. I didnt know there were documented haunted buildings there until AFTER I had experienced it being too 'charged' for me to go through. When I found out Old Town historical center was haunted I felt better going through there. Many things in Boston are spooked as well but the land or the area holds it better..I dont know why that is. Its like there is so much structure in Boston, the way the buildings are built and the way the city is set up it makes seems to make energies behave and stay within structure.

Well, I guess I am only comfortable in certain places. But when I feel that bad I do keep telling myself that the book comes before any relief I may gain from leaving the body. This system will not drive me to that before I put down just how they drive someone to this end anyway. Its worth telling and I want to be sure that as an expendable that everyone would be more comfortable seeing dead, that I leave something behind to make ecveryone jsut a bit uncomfortable permanently. Why should the destroyers win everytime they murder an expendable mind controlled slave this way?

And everyone outside of this system doesnt care about us anyway.


banifid said...

Please do not every think of suicide. They win that way, please just take it for a couple more years, and it will be over, when the Haarp transmitter is destroyed by God Love and Bless

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking how a lot of this harassment just appears to be a
test to see how fast we can self-heal. My harassment psy-ops are geared
around hypocrisy and stupidity and compliance. Can you imagine, how a
lot of TI's will tell you how they can walk like 10 miles in one day,
but how the mighty gangstalkers just drive to the store in their nice
comfy cozy automobiles, just to make us feel like we're weak and out of
shape and can't do shit. I get mindgames all the time to this end. Like
we're all so lazy and inept or whatnot. Meanwhile, they are like this
one stupid low-class looking kid who was working the Arby's Drive Thru.
Yeah, I guess he really must have a good life compared to me. driving
to work, harassing innocent customers who work their fucking asses off
while being kept out of the workforce, while I get to walk a mile along
a dangerous busy highway just to get food. And all these jealous little
girls harassing me, so jealous because their boyfriends or husbands
aren't good enough for them or can't satisfy them. Probably have tiny
little peckers and sexual dysfunction, so their girlfriends have to
project that onto me. Hey, I'm sorry for the little wench who harassed
me, so unfortunate your tiny pecker boyfriend can't satisfy you so you
have to partake in my harassment. i swear, some of these women must be
closet lesbians. I have seen plenty of "straight" closet lesbians, so
stressed out because they know society will reject them because of their
sexuality, that they have to harass guys like me.

my advice:

1.) Come out of the closet. Don't be afraid of being targeted. Let's face it: society hates homosexuals anyways, and the longer you put it off, the longer you are going to put off being targeted. And who wants to be targeted late in life? I say if you're going to be targeted anyways, better to help fight the corrupt system and hate in general.

2.) If you're sexually frustrated, it's not my fault. I'm sorry you
can't get a clitoral erection, and your boyfriend is pumping gas for a
living and starting fights to prove how studly he is. Also, yes, your
boyfriend IS a loser and he DOES cheat on you. Sorry, facts are facts,
and denial doesn't get you anywhere. Kind of like why you people go
along with targeting one innocent harmless human being: it's all about
denial. If you were so strong, would you be self-actualized and helping
others, or joining a mob of mindless zealots beating one person down?
Then stop driving to Wal-mart to carry out your acts of hate against a
superior male target. Your boyfriend is weak, I'm not. Deal with it.

3.) The truth is not a lie and the lie is not a truth. I'm sorry you
people have to lie and harass and stalk to mask your denial of reality.
You people are weak and inferior compared to the target. Please
stalkers, you people are pathetic. You are wasting so much of your life
going along with this. So much of your life has been thrown away with
your going along with this bullshit. Yes I know you were just trying to
save your own asses from being targeted, but in effect, you are being
manipulated. Since you are being manipulated, you are not doing things
out of your own will. Pissing one person off with a mob of compliant
losers is not going to make your life any better, and stop wasting your
life doing this. If you people really were better and smarter than me,
than why the fuck do you need to drive to WalMart and stand in the
aisles all freaking night just to harass one person?

These people sure are pathetic. They seem to be getting some measure of
personal satisfaction from this, but why would anyone want to go to
Walmart to stand in the fucking aisles to wait for a target to show up?
And then get all happy about it like their excited? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

One part of being targeted is getting spoofed in a ridiculous way on various shows on TV, and commercials. I guess the perps just love to watch that, and convince themselves that the spoofed versions are really what we TI's are. I guess perhaps having their little operatives pull the strings to harass us further on commercials and ads gives them some sort of rush. I sure hope they don't start to get the idea that those little instances are going to destroy me.

For some reason, the whole notion what goes around comes around escapes the perps. They are like the druggie who gets high, and are so high on their own bullshit, they can't think rationally. Yeah, that little instance on TV is really going to ruin my life. Well, I know there are so many instances of this going on, that each one adds up and is very detrimental to one's state of mind. I guess perps love to sit back and look at what they have imagined us to be, and just love every minute of it. Probably these hard-core perps are big time druggies. It's hard to believe all of this pych. harassment is so well-planned, yet I see instances that they have all these themes, tricks, and stunts planned like years in advance of going overt on a target.

Well, I hope no target commits suicide, because these assholes WILL get caught and go to prison. They should punish any gangstalking crime as though it were 3rd degree murder, because it is intended to be just that -- a murder. The perps deserve to die, but only after a fair trial. Why should some corrupt asshole run around free in society claiming I'm something I'm not, and make ME suffer for HIS crimes? Why should any other TI suffer like this?

And lots of TI's are getting high on the idea that exposing this crime is good. But that's tough to do, because I see evidence, from all the faces I see, and the content looks on their faces, that they really enjoy witnessing a target getting the treatment and beaten down. And there are lots of them, too. Society just has gotten to the point where everyone seems to enjoy this; very few are truly in the dark about this crime. So that means all these masses are just going to get into denial about this. I say each TI has to gather info, and privately covertly do what they have to do to expose the perps and their tech. The rest are just stupid smirking hateful assholes who enjoy going along with the herd.

Enjoy life in hell, perps. Cause that's where you're going. Remember, jealous and murder are sins. And speaking of Jesus, remember what he said about hypocrisy. So many onlookers who approve of this and join in really do fit that bill. I guess not having lives of their own is why they enjoy it so much.

Rachael O. said...

You have to remember something very KEY about organized stalking & harassment perpatrators or participants- in my experience over many years time, often knowing I was face to face with them but something in my being more interested in studying them as I found myself having walked into a certain situation, I have found them to mostly be people that are so lacking, so defective or corrupt that they either honestly believe that society owes them something, that missing out on life's opportunities makes it OK for them to take from another human being.
The corrupt ones have no conscience at all to begin with thats why they are abusers who the system either utilizes for this very trait or they are trying to avoid exposure of some vice they have.

Its really that simple. There are also people who are part of a corrupt system on a power trip, like the Boston police for instance..obviously. Centuries of one family line being cops doesnt say much for your ancestry, as they are up to the same bs they were 100 years ago. There is no way to keep cops from being corrupt as far as I am concerned. Society at the higher levels would have to stop demanding everyone behave yet they want thier this sense the cops ARE just doing thier jobs- as guardogs for the elite. As TI's we just dont see them as often as we do cops or perps. And we all know that police do some of the worst psychological damage as they have training and thier energy is very focused and violent. I am fortunate that most of the ocean of people who has come after me or engaged with me in this nonsense have been civilians who seem really pathetic, have flimsy ass training and are natures failures. The DNA pool of most civilian perpetrators of organized stalking and harassment should be destroyed or sterilized. Most of them are very beta or alphas who have gotten thier asses kicked by bigger alphas so the TI is someone they can lord over and due to them being genetic failures, weaklings, they NEED the group for power. They certainly do NOT suffer from a 'stand alone' complex that is for sure.

Most perps are defective in some way or have no animal magnetism, no finesse, no game or no personal dynamicism. The group going after a lion usually makes them feel validated...but just get them alone if you can. Roar at them and swat your huge paw, or slither up and strike for the throat stealthfully and you will see how very weak they are...for this reason they usually have peeps in the backround. Can you believe that? Organized stalking and harassment is so validated as an action of justice or national security or whatever thier rationale, that they destroy a human life with backup so that their little buddies dont get hurt. Gee, you think they need to be destroyed any way possible?? Most certainly I do believe that.

The mob is dangerous and if you think any of these people remembers a Target or cares or recalls anything more than what they got for a reward for that behavior you are sadly mistaken. YOU were an assignment...youre not even human to them. Thier group and thier rewards are all that exist for them. You should however, sit around and savor the info I just gave you about them being mere cells making up tissue and that tissue making up organs and so on. And cells are expendable. Also savor over how lacking they are so they must group together as one unit to exist in a legit meaningful way.

But dont ever kid yourself that they are going to 'get thiers', or god will punish them (unless someone with that much influence wants in on these games as an equalizer...that IS possible), or that what goes around comes around becuz those or not logical solutions. When dealing with people that are deficient who need your blood to survive do not think twice about them sucking you dry and kicking the corpse to the curb becuz they WILL...and isnt that exactly what they have done?

Stop wishing and start destroying.