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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Targeted at TARGET dept stores- go to Walmart instead.

I have been in stores around the USA and I have noted that WALMART in some locations is prone to in person gang stalking harassment. However I only experienced that in the south. In the midwest in little towns they is more attention to travelers from community watch than sneaky harassment from perps doing tactics.

In other areas where there is no paranoid small town community watch or gang stalking from perps in person WALMART has actually been a postive influence as far as remote influence goes. When I go into Walmart I start to get many ideations not to give up, that I was definitely screwed over, recall much of my story that makes me recall I was screwed over, and get egged on to write my book and get the word out about what happened.

I also feel relief from whatever is outside that is so heavy on me in areas like this where the sun at its highest from 12-4 affects me adversely. this is NOT the case in TARGET stores.

I have had the worst experiences with remote influence in TARGET stores. I immediatley feel put upon. One can feel this influence when one enters TARGET stores. Its most likely the in house subliminal anti theft system that is being abused to harass targeted indivivuals.
That is what I have experienced repeatedly.

When in target I begin to feel rushed and stressed. I often become so anxiety ridden that I have to get through it by talking myself through it. Whatever the remote influence is added to the amount of people, usually families in border towns, makes me go into high anxiety, so I tend to start to occassionally speak outloud to make sure I am staying focused..its very hard to stay focused in Target stores. It takes me extra long to get anything done and I often forget things. I become so jammed that I have to struggle against whatever it is (on top of the masses and thier kids) constantly just to stay focused on my shopping. I also constantly feel paranoid in Target about stealing. As if there are moves I am making that make me appear to be stealing. And I have to act very very carefully to avoid appearing like a thief. I become totally neurotic in Target.
I also sense the security cameras presence. I sense a presence watching me. I usually have no idea where the cameras are until I feel I am being watched and then I look in the direction of the disturbance and sure enough there is a camera. This happens in many stores but TARGET is one of the absolute worst I have ever encountered for harassment of this nature.

I also begin to feel very bad about myself and my situation. I keep getting 'interfaced', and there is constant non stop interface where I am reminded of my situation or harassed in other ways.
The stress is so bad there I sometimes begin to act out and then I really feel attention on me especially from human beings who now begin to perform tactics not usually overt but small actions like standing right by me and being present but not having any reason to stand can just tell.
By this time I am usually waving to the cameras or giving them the finger as I am driven to being full scale pissed off and spooked as well as still feeling watched by the security cameras. Target has those annoying smoky black half spheres all over the ceiling and its totally intimidating anyway in its design. Walmart usually has smaller camera globes that are suspended from the ceiling by long white poles. This makes the security system less intrusive to the customer, especially one like myself who has been trauatized by survaillence being abused. Walmart also smartly has a busy ceiling design like a warehouse so that the cameras are even more blended in. Target has these ominous globes coming out of the ceiling and one feels like they are lost in The Beatles Yellow Submarine movie. Holes in the ceilings and floors going nowhere-all just an illusion. Then that awful red and beige color scheme that mixes aggression with depression or that sort of office beige that makes the workers into docile braindead lemmings in thier cubicles.

I know damn well that there may not be a live human being messsing with me behind that camera but that there may be a subliminal program playing to make me think and feel as such.
There is definately something going on with Target stores security system.

I didnt have any money the other day when I went into Target as I had just run out of cash. I forgot and went to get an item, then realized I was broke. I took the item anyway on the off chance that I may have had change to buy it. I swear to you that as I recalled I did not have money left and recalled spending the last my card something came over me, like a scan to see if I could afford this item. I then felt I definetely shouldnt pickup the item if I could not afford it and felt interfaced for sure. It was along the same lines of feeling as the idea that I am acting wrongly and may be thought of as a was THAT intrusive into my psyche. I have felt this before during the height of the war, when I was going through a border to a state- either NM or Nevada, where there was a big metal portal or structure that the bus went through and I felt distinctly 'scanned', very deeply into my mind, and something got into my mind and even deeper, to 'pull out' the truth about what guily thoughts I was hiding. It was 'pulled out' of me that my biggest guilt ridden secret thouot was that I might have caught something traveling due to not feeling well and it might be parasitic due to where I was residing previously- that I might be bringing this into the home of a TI who had agreed to host me and I felt guilty about this.
(It turned out that this TI was a perp most likely as she knew way more than she should have as well as her dogs had worms even though the lying b*tch swore to me that they get a vet check up regularly. Good thing I know my herbs and how to stay healthy.)
It was very...obvious that there was a scan at this border. Probably anti terror tech.

But it was more streamlined in Target. But its constantly on you in there and that goes for all Target stores. The one in Chilla Vista is the worst here in San Diego. I have always felt uncomfortable in Target stores around the USA probably for this reason. I was also messed with in the Target in Fashion Valley/Mission Valley shopping area and that goes for getting gang stalked outside by perps in cars as well as in a small store across from the Sax Fifth Ave outlet and across from the Nordstrom outlet. If you are a TI you will get messed with in Chilla Vista and Fashion Valley areas by perps in cars for sure with some harassment in stores in the Valley shops.
In that Target store I experienced the kind of perp activity that one does not often discover. I havent seen something like this since Boston a few years ago where I caught a perp who I followed from a store on Mass ave across from Berkeley to the bus station in Kenmore Sq, where I snuck up on him talking to an MBTA driver who had a bus running and parked there at 3 am when the buses are supposed to not be running. The perp was on the sidewalk talking to the driver in the bus driver seat. When he spotted me, he started faking like they were arguing, and you could tell it was a change of subject if you will, not an escalation into argument.

This totally freaked me out and is one of the most disturbing things I have seen to this day in this of not THE most disturbing thing. Becuz once again the TI sees into a world where people and things are not as they seem but are designed to be part of a world that keeps up the appearence of normalcy. But if anything it validated years of harassment one on one involving me and bus employees, especially drivers.
Since I had been shocked into reality by the above experience, what I saw in Target was no surprise. The security guard was on me and so was this guy in plain clothes off to the right. They were in front of the exit/entrance area. the security guy to the left a bit and the other guy off to hte right leaning against the wall before customer service. I have been doing this long enough to know when perps are focusing on me and I can see them far in front of me before they can see if I see or not. Its as if they were waiting for me to leave through that exit..they were really focusing on me but not doing anything.
I then broke out of the situation by chance in recalling that I forgot to buy I said I forget what I am doing due to whatever that stress is in there.
I was also in some sort of mental holding pattern...I was in a fantasy of sorts in my mind and it was definately taking away from reality at that moment. And it felt abnormal, induced. Somehow these two were part of it, as if I was being influenced and they were there to see that I left or maybe to antagonize me as I left to attempt to get me to go off and be aggressive. To spook me basically.
When I 'broke' loose out of this very falsely induced moment in time, these two watching and focusing on me seemed very pisssed off, and they both looked aggrevated and frustrated-which of course is the dead giveaway that tells me I was NOT imagining this scenerio. It was almost as if..there was remote influence inducing some thought pattern in my mind and these two were there to be the anchors in the physical world. The ultimate mind control the person inwardly mentally as well as outwardly in the physical realm. This is parelell to the effect of the classical conditioning has on me when a car beeps twice and it reaches into my mind (due to years of hearing this and it being connected to trauma due to being terrorized) and that is a horn from a car 'reaching' into my psyche--through walls, through my own walls of mental and emotional resistance. To 'reach' someone without touching them physically.

This is what that moment was like in Target. And the thing about it is that you KNOW its happening when its happening but you cant break the holding pattern...the only thing that made me break free was that it popped into my head that I forgot something.

I know it sounds like schizophrenia but if you do your research on Pavlovian conditioning and classical conditioning you will see that these methods work to 'hook' a mammal into certain behaviors. Its going to be a bit more complicated with humans compared to dogs or other animals due to our higher intel and spirituality.

My only savior from even I thinking I am mental is the look on both of thier faces at the same time when I bolted back in the other direction. This is the ultimate control of a human being..especiallly when I knew what was happening but couldnt do anything about it. Security there had been eyeing me the whole time anyway, making me feel like I wa doing something wrong and that was when there were two of them earlier on.
The two security were Mexican and later there was one of those guys and the man to the right leaning against the customer service wall was white with a beard.
SO I guess I have to make a decision to stay the hell out of Target as their track record of harassment in various ways is constant.

Walmart seems to want me to kick the asses of all the people who betrayed me back home. Thanks Walmart for the support. Dont ask why, just thankful for it.

Other stores too I get ideations that I was seriously f*cked over, validation I should call it, and that I should keep moving forward with my plans. And this always starts as I enter the store and stops upon exiting.

Stay the hell out of may also be part of trying to discredit me by making me seem to be acting nuts in public places on camera or hopefully not but perhaps for entertainment purposes for people who can pay.
A perp told me that Mass General sold the video of me being dragged off by security (due to the front desk overtly antagonizing me under great duress).


Anonymous said...

I also have a few people dropping hints about how much they like Target... in a directed conversation. Maybe it's to lure me in there. I figured it was more psychology, hinting that I was the "target" they "like". Usually I get mentioned in a negative context, though, so it has to be to lure me in there.

My prior experience with any people gang-like in nature is that they always try to lure me onto their territory, so I can get bullied, beat up or harassed. So it follows that the directed conversations were to lure me into the perps' hostile territories.

Targeted in San Diego said...

I was stalked in the Encinitas Target store about five years ago, by four very scary, black and Mexican "gang looking" guys, who wore the red Target short-sleeved polo shirts. However, I have never seen a Target employee who looked that scary. They followed me ALL OVER the store leering and snickering, pushing one cart very close to me, until I finally got the manager and demanded to know if it was Target's policy to stalk its customers. He was quite young, and while he assured me that it was NOT Target's policy to allow this type of harassment, I felt instinctively that he knew exactly what was going on. At the time I had no idea what was happening to me, and only figured out there is a name for this horror story in January of this year. Thank you for keeping up with your blog.