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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Pope joined the NWO party

Here is something the Pope needs to do: mind his own business. And its especially suspect when his 'business' seems to be the same as politicians.

The church has done some particularly nasty things over the years and all crimes are NOT paid. Yes they have some excellent charities but anyone with any DNA from Italy has only to look at the set up from its invention to realize that this is Rome's way of re-inventing itself. The wolf of ancient pagan Rome (Romulus and Remus) got some very nice sheep's clothing with this one. And every Italian deep in thier hearts knows it. Do you know why Italian Catholics fare so much better than foriegners who take on this religion? (Which has Jesus who himself was Middle Eastern but there some historical theory of him being the bastard son of a Roman soldier). Becuz deep down its 'Italian first, Catholic second'. If Italy did away with its blackmarket economy the place would fall over.

I come from Catholics, I should know. It may be a good belief system for a very private, quiet but weighty relationship with one's godhead or the concept of 'God' and they certainly have kick ass artwork at thier disposal, always the best way to sell something- great advertising artwork, and if you look at that ceiling its full of good ol subliminals just like every other advert artwork.
By the way man was an artist long before the idea of a Catholic god came along...perhaps the ideal coupled with censorship, intimidation, fear and terror provided the right environment for inspiration.

Anyone with a brain ( or Catholic) knows that the politics of the Church have a very sketchy past. The one thing I do NOT trust is when a Christian Protestant US President (also with a very sketchy record, but nicely hidden), his son as well as the African American President after him AND the Pope also calls for the same NWO.

It becomes obvious that its a dangerous union of Church and State...and it also becomes glaringly obvious that its only of interest to power structures at this point. This is when we have to become very realistic about the nature of the Church, her past, her interest in worldly affairs and consider her power in this game.

Just becuz many powerful entities on our planet right now want a NWO doesnt mean that is necessarily a good thing or the right decision. And one may be willing to tolerate, even appreciate the Church as a spiritual power as well as a political and monetary one. But if the Church wants to outright align itself with obviously corrupt powers then we have to recall the ugliness of the Middle Ages, the sex scandals and its very sordid history.

You wanna play? Show yer cards this time.
How dare an entity that gains its very power from mind control tactics as well as asking its believers via 'faith' to take into thier belief system fabrications of the Church itself as biblical realities...its believers (especially the Irish, with only thier Celtic roots to save them many a time without them knowing thats what the power is or understanding) are obviously and hopelessly compartmentalized and actively live in denial daily, ask anyone to firstly take what it says at face value and secondly be taken seriously when speaking of "the extraordinary results of scientific and technical progress."
YOU wanna talk about tech and science? And since when is tech and science YOUR domain? If they are gonna have anything to say about science I will then go get my humours checked as I may be a bit too phegmatic or perhaps meloncholy. Perhaps I will go get bled today..actually all I would have to do nowadays is go the psychiatrist due to a 'chemical imbalance' which they cannot account for medically and actually may have been caused by trauma changing the way the brain works.

Nothing has changed has it? Thousands of years later man is still conned into not reasoning for himself and follows along with whatever the parental powers tell him to do or make him believe he should do.

With the amount of information available through institutions of learning as well as selectively on the internet coupled with a simple education plus being well read one could be more aware of what really goes on in this world than in any era past.

Man seems to chose enslavement and ignorance. Many people are against the concept of an NWO and this is being ignored and called conspiracy theory, while right before us there is evidence of just that via simple magazine articles and tv news clips.

What a damn white wash..and its done nowadays with instead of a belief system really, an info war system (manipulation of information).

Man becoming obedient to a system of enslavement is NOT the definition of evolving.

And as for peace, how can that be created if one or ones power structure is utilizing a system of manipulation,deception, intimidation, brainwashing tactics and ignoring human rights and civil rights violations.

Flower power- officially approved by the authority figures now. Kinda like legalzing pot and buying from the state...I wouldnt touch it. Anything they approve of is going to be in the interest of the same old agenda. Nothing has changed.

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