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Sunday, March 14, 2010

ONMC Wordpress 3-14-10


Anonymous said...

She's a person I find interesting, and I really wonder about the "vision" part of her crusade. It couldn't have been the gangstalking tech we have today that caused the "vision".

Indeed, many a famous person (such as G. Handel, for example) have had visions that inspired them to do things or changed them in some ways. Now Carry Nation just seemed like an outright vigilante to me. Perhaps it was a case of just absorbing the "morals" of the people around her, or maybe she witnessed some abusive alcoholics during the war.

These are the tough types we sometimes encounter in our stalking campaigns.

Medawar said...

What about "nonce" then?

Whenever a case against a paedophile ring is mysteriously dropped, social workers in the UK mutter something about the "Fairy Godfathers" and that's a useful term, too.