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Monday, March 22, 2010

More nightmares for the kiddies: Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND/ a bit about gender in media

I am sick of Masonic content everywhere I look now. Enough with black and red or black white and red. Enough of restorationists trying to re create or re live the past and the hertitage of a long moved on faction of people. Pathetic really.

Even the sample pics that come in Windows 7 are mostly sun symbols etc. I'll do a post on it. Its completely oversaturating our environment and its overkill at this point.

Need I say more?

The director of the new Alice and Wonderland movie is the man above, Tim Burton and the woman is Helena Bonham Carter. She plays the Queen of Hearts in the new movie.

This director is known for making films that are a bit creepy or dark but it was always sort of harmless. And I recall very creative.
The darkness in this movie is something that no child should be exposed to and I blame that more on it being Disney than anything else. I would never let kids watch this. Little children, if you recall being one, see things much clearer than our aging, jaded eyes do. They are taking in the world anew everyday for the most part. I have the mental barriers to block out what is damaging to me at this age. Especially since I am specifically atttuned as to avoid subliminal content if possible.
Disney has been conditioning children for generations as well as there are some survivors of programming that specifically recall Disney movies or cartoons as used in high level programming or at least the programming of expendables. The castle is enough for some survivors right there.

There are moments in the movie that are downright creepy and the backrounds seem more 'dead' than a graveyard ever could be. This is common in much media seems like the goal is to reach some part of human beings with the intent of deadening the spirit or getting a future generation used to some sort of dark future reality. Dark and in ruins.

Here is the trailer take a look for yourself:
Why does the Cheshire cat need cannibal or vampiric teeth? I dont recall him being so extreme in any of the other versions I have seen or the book even.
Every posh palace shot resembles a Masonic Hall.

The first thing I noted about Johnny Depps character when the trailer first ran a few weeks ago was the character his is playing is made up to, and with the use of computer animation or whatever they use, it looks like the spitting image of Madonna. (00:23)The space between the teeth, the eyes- alot of things in the facial structure. But its also supposed to make her look completely insane...look at the eyes. Would you let your kid watch this? Just after seeing this character I wouldnt let my kid see it.Its too crazed. The madness of Alice in Wonderland was never supposed to be true to life totally disturbing will get enough of that when they become adults.
At 00:23 you can see the first glimpse of this character to about 00:25. Its the most distubing two seconds I have had in a while thats for sure and I get weird crap occuring daily. Also note how the character's neck tie or ascot expands in excitement when he sees Alice. Run it over a few times and get a handle on the face then run it over and watch the neck wrapping. You'll see what I mean. Dont be afraid to stop and really look at the face either.

Helena Bonham Carter, a snooty actress from England who I recall faintly from being in a few Young Ones episodes but she was annoying even then, she is playing the Queen of Hearts as we see in the first scene of the trailer with her opening a closet in surprise. She has a distorted look and we can see more of her later.
The film's herione, Alice, is a perfect specimen of blonde wavy hair complete with a dimple in her chin. Its been written in many articles that Burton was wise to make her 19 years old due to the newfound concern over Lewis Carroll's being a possible pedo. But I believe as we see the rest of the trailer, we see that he did this not strictly for this reason but becuz a child couldnt take on the role of a knight on a chess board in a battle to save humanity in typical Templar fashion, as this Alice does.
In 00:58 we can see how distorted the Queen of Heart's character is in Burton's verion of this tale. A small body with an enlarged forhead, and an aging, washed out appearence. She has her dark Knight by her side at all times.In the scene where she wants to use a pig as a foot stool we can see her a bit better and if you stop at 1:05 her whole face takes shape. A clownish red wig, crazy lady or trashy makeup job with heavy blue and drawn in eyebrows. She even has a small beauty mark on her upper left cheek, kind of like an angel's kiss they call them, which is one singular freckle making a beauty mark on the skin. It could also be a mole but its odd due to it not appearing excentuated but covered up by makeup (?). Strange for a character who makes most all of her effect from looking made up in an insane fashion.

If you doubt my comparison to Johnny Depps character with looking like Madonna just stop at 1:07. The BASIC look is there more clearly than in prior scenes.

Again at 1:07-8 we see the clownish look of the Queen of Hearts and again the disturbing enlarged forehead, dark eyes and freakish clown or 'crazy lady' makeup job.

Finally at 1:17 we get to see why Alice couldnt possibly be a child as she is now playing the ancient role of Templar Knight, complete with idealized blonde wavy locks and chin dimple.
After this scene there is another bizarre character with white or bleached out hair but oddly darkened eyebrows and lipstick. Under her eyes is obviously make up to give the effect of either dead or tired. She looks foolish and the theme of the back ground is blue and white or blue and gold. Heavenly color themes.
After that scene is another glance at Depp's character that should make you think twice about letting your kids view this movie. I stopped it at 1:18 and I still think the eyes look really messed up under the shade of the hat.

At 1:39 the scene shows her being thrown down a spiraling hole due to jumping off a bed. Its too violent for little kids. You have to remember that the most damaging things to the psyche or that cause influence are things that are distorted or put out to the viewer as if in a dream or dream state. It would be less harmful if yer kid saw someone fall in real life, then you could explain the facts of life to them and show them that real life, pain, accidents or even death or not as frightening as movies or dreams as this is all part of living and an encounter with our own mortality makes us appreciate living even more. Also you could show the kid that in real life one has control over scary things like helping a victim of an accident or at least seeing an outcome from a fall. The things we show our children in a dream state such as movies and TV affects them FOR LIFE not just for now. The power of the mind and its perceptions is far greater than anything we experience in reality.
In much of this movie it appears as if Alice is thrown around alot in Wonderland, without much control over her environment or the things that happen to her. That is not a good place to create in a child's mind.

Of course at the end the Cheshire cat shows his big smile and his reptilian eyes (due to cats actually being closely related to the family of reptiles in the animal world, which is why thier eyes look this way.) As if to say "come and get it you suckers".

No thanks. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney movies and I like the book to a point. I like the animated one from the old days. Alice is learning about herself and what she is capable of..not slaying dragons. I always liked it when Alice gets sick of all the nonsense she once thought was so amusing, and all the characters around her start to melt away. This is what children, especially little girls (and big girls) need when wandering through a confusing, insane reality. When a woman grows up, each phase of her life is at some point trying to figure out a very male world that is in many aspects foriegn to her..everything right down to the way the streets are laid out in cities. Every girl needs a Cheshire cat as guide, not to scare the shit out of her further.
Also I do not appreciate how Alice is a woman and she is playing a male role. Women have thier own unique battles in life and its a constant problem with this nation as well as the world to ignore us and our life's journey's or to label it away as 'feminism' or the work of 'feminists'. Why must everything be reactionary. But then I am a woman who is most unpopular in my thinking about the genders..when I heard that a young woman insisted in going to West Point and she got beat up and harssed my thought was "Firstly, dont invade on men's territory as its not fair to them and you are asking for rejection. Secondly, you are asking boys for a slice of what is THIERS instead of demanding what is YOURS exist in the world. The solution to that is to have a West Point built for females with female instructors focusing on female power, prowess and the study of ancient female warriors, generals and everything related to such military expertise." And I also used to say that due to this being the USA, especially with new money ruling the scene now, all you would have to do is just market it as historically valid to the public to get it the cred it needs to exist. If the ATF can market itself out of being scratched off the board post prohibition days by making jackets with big ATF on them and following the FBI around during WACO and all that back then, why not a West Point for women?

I dont believe that we should bust in on boys clubs or locker rooms to demand acceptance- not only is it unfair to men who deserve thier privacy, its degrading to us as it infers that they actually have something we do not possess and want. Pisses me off really.
But I see now that the man's world would rather we beg to be let into thier tree houses that say 'No girls allowed' than to have our own to rival thiers. This is another case of the USA refusing to have roles that show what womanhood is genuinely about and restricting females to only certain power roles in media, and when they do have power roles they are standing in for males.

Unless of course this movie is the next generation of Templar programming, which is an absolute joke.

It may also be a very different belief system making fun of the battle between good and evil all together..I will leave that for you to ponder. I did my work for the day.


Anonymous said...

Pretty much anything Johnny Depp signs up for is geared towards masonic mind control. His latest crap project teamed up with Angelina is another example of what a WHORE for the "network" Johnny really is.

Anonymous said...

Did you not read the original Alice in Wonderland? It IS dark and "masonic". With the original movie, Disney just took it (like EVRYTHING ELSE)and warped it into a happy-go-lucky story featuring a watered down plot that is a fraction of what it originally was and decided to add bright colors, then slap the label of a "children's story" on it. I feel like Tim Burton's version is beautifully done. He takes many different ideas from the original story and makes in into his own new idea. The man is a genius and does simply beautiful movies. I have let my kids watch all of his movies, in fact, The Nightmare Before Christmas is their favorite. Tim Burton gives a chance to look at things from a different point of view, and that is a truly beautiful thing. It takes courage and guts to defy the social norm and do something "taboo" like creating a slightly dark film. It is like a breath of fresh air to see a movie with a coherent plot, beautiful visuals and something that isn't watered down because the public can't take the truth. I completely respect your view that it is too dark for some children (I certaintly agree in the case of children under the age of 5 or so), but I also ask that you try to see the other point of view, as well as the strong artistic merit of this film and Tim Burton's other films.