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Friday, March 12, 2010

what about this then?

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Medawar said...

It is certainly remiss of officers to refuse to review CCTV evidence of an alleged assault, or indeed an alleged theft.

Even if the first man had genuine cause to suspect theft, and it seems this was mendacious anyway, reasonable force in a citizen's arrest doesn't include laying hands on someone who is not offering or threatening violence and has not been challenged and given an opportunity to stop and explain.

Medawar would support to the hilt a shopkeeper who injured someone heading towards him or the till, but if someone's walking out of the shop, having been through the checkout process, there's absolutely no call for anything beyond a polite "excuse me?"

In Medawar's experience, most actual shoplifting is done by highly organized gangs, and one of the things they do is to con the security into chasing some innocent member of the public first, then calmly stroll out of the store with a few thousand quid's worth of stuff.

San Diego police might want to look at the CCTV tape to see who else left the store while it was all going on!

There's a police station in Bond Street, London, devoted to dealing with this. They have a great deal of expertise and San Diego police have only to ask.