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Monday, March 8, 2010

more harassment this morning,, more orchestratd coughing

The same staff that was on when the orchestrated coughing/chair squeaking bs went on waking people up at 12 midnight was on again last night but they woke everyone up at 5am..or was it 7? I just ignored the bs totally and rested. Other people noticed it too and said the coughing sounded very faked and unatural and that it also woke them up. THIS time it was coughing only and it was coming from individuals all across the shelter, even the mens section. And when many people, me included showed signs of waking it magically stopped all together. We are talking about a major coughing spree from all around the shelter..oh and add to that, that not one of the coughers coughed at the same time. It was like each took thier turn at playing thier insttrument. And the staffs cough was more like a deep 'ahem'.

SO whats up with this asshole staff whe are the same people evertime, and Imust say the ONLY shift who are into harassment. The rest of the staff at this place I am very impressed with.

And they have to clean the shelter today so they first said last night that everyone needs to get up at 7 to clear thier beds...hmm interesting that a coughing spree comes up right at 7. (give me a break)

But the staff now says that we need only have things on our beds up off the floor by 11:45 am. So why get up at 7?

I think the staff on last night were gang stlking assholes or cause stalkers into religious reform...i'll film them next time and record the coughing spree.
By the way if this is the best you can do for being perps you get waht all of san diego gets...c- at best.

The set up of this shelter makes harassment difficult..its pretty cool.

This time more than just me and another person thought it was faked.

Also this shows how many people in on the harassment system are actually present in the shelter at any given time...think about that.

Many of the people there just got out of jail or prison. Once again the same types engage in gang stalking.


Anonymous said...

This is a good example of where this country has gone. From one of the biggest think tanks and producing some decent artists (like Samuel Barber) to giggling lemmings doing orchestrated coughing gags. Things have really gone downhill in the USA in the past 20 years. Again, the maturity level of like 17 years and younger. That's who you'd expect to be doing coughing gags, not grown adults. Wow.

AJH said...

You too; coordinated coughing eruptions at the same early morning time. I haven't quite figured this one out as to how it happens. The best that I can make out in my classroom situation where it also erupts, is that the perps plant the noise as if was coming from someone nearby who is not being directly observed. I sometimes later talk to the individuals, the putative sources of coughing, and they don't exibit any sign of a cold, sinus condition or whatever other cause it might be.

And the dysthymic state of demotivation in your prior post; wanting to move on but somehow lack the motivation. I know that one too, and I hope they will free you from that impasse soon, whatever the next gig/destination may be.