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Friday, March 5, 2010

putting yer name on anything/catchphrases in our culture

We now live in a paranoid, sexist, classist dictotarship where corrupt authority favors and covers for criminal activity whilst preaching to the rest of us that we are all terrorists basically if we do not let them have thier way or that the public-all human beings, are essentially criminal minded and need to be watched or be under scrutiny constantly while they f*ck up royally.

A streamlined militant police force that does no wrong, in real life or on propoganda TV shows like CSI, Law and Order. Do any of these people have access to a lawyer and a bit of mental resistance to unethical police interrigation?? Oh who cares? The public wants these good guys to do whatever it takes to get the bad guys..we can trust them, right? They are cops damnit! And dont forget that Rodney King is no longer valid nor is any media in the hands of the public due to that rockin' camerawork on COPS which totally co opts the 'hand cam' look. When reality TV is no longer real and is in the hands of corporate media then the public have lost thier power- once again.

Due to the powers that be being totally fascist and paranoid lately towards anyone who is not beaten down into submission via Bush's war and now the economy, gang stalking is a great way to keep on eye on and harass any citizen not stupid enough or not weak of heart to go along with said beat down..or at least let it hamper thier efforts at activism.
Either that or organized crime is way up the system's ass more than anyone ever imagined...or better yet perhaps certian rogue agencies have the stealth and the know how of years of bastardry to bridge that gap between organized crime and legit govt. Its so touching to see people working together to join hands and brige the distance between them. Sigh (wipe tear).

Now for the harsh reality for all targeted individuals: putting yer name on stuff helps the gang stalking system. No doubt. Its also useful in any psychological warfare against you that is hammering at you daily to conform, get a real job and 'forget' about all that was done to you. Shut up, sit down, grow up and keep quiet. It makes you feel like a bum or a poser trying to be an anarchist to get everything for free.
Of course this system does not want you to get a job and pay for stuff cuz you are totally irresponsible and need to grow up (duh, its due to them that you are destitute and broken to begin with. They are keeping you down, remember?) they want you do so as a way of getting you under control. If this were not so you wouldnt be harassed into being barely functional now would you? What they want are people with 120 plus IQs to appear as if they are only capable of working in a convenience store..and after years of this sh*t that may become what is true for the TI.

It's like one perp said to me in Kenmore Sq last time in Boston, who was obviously into the snitch for police end of this: "You're on probation, not totally in jail. That doesnt mean not party at all you know". Again its to make you believe that this system is a legit form of extra curricular criminal justice or prison. That doling this out on your head without a trial or a conviction is totally just--that this is the way the world is now so deal.

More gaslighting and brainwashing. The day that I win or get revenge is the day that I party you stupid motherf*ckers. I dont do anything half ass and its all or nothing. Take your half measures and stick it. The system will get little acceptance from me as it unjustly dictates my freedom and accomplishment.
They do however, have a huge page in red on the ledger and the pyment due just gets bigger every day. Debts get paid one way or another. Nothing personal just business. I feel quite cold and emotionless when I think of the debt. Just numbers.

Putting your name on things causes problems. Its as easy as someone watching the activity a debit card or other ways of tracking movements. Or it could be that once a company learns of your name in there systems they either agree to mess with you or turn blind eye to you being messed with based on some legal bs the (corrupt lyin ass) authorities present them with (like those hand over records orders a few years ago that when checked out by the companies often the judge had not actually signed it or it was technically illegal in some other way, I posted it and the story was from the New York Times), rarely are people going to doubt the authorities (gasp!). The other option is good old bribery/blackmail, perks, gaining of access to sell out the targeted person.

I am not now paying a company so that they can now provide me with LESS service. That makes no sense at all. None.
But this is the way a TI is treated- its a joke and a jolly for them to get you to PAY for something that they are going to use to use for their purposes. Remember you are a lesser to them. Your whole purpose is to serve thier system, end your days with being a sacrifice that serves THEM and then die in THIER service. They actually believe that this is the way the world should run and they have the money and power to make it so.

The second you put your name on something, it seems that the gang stalking system has gained access to you. And I believe that they encourage a TI to legitimize and conform so that you will be easier to keep tabs on. ((to be fair it does depend on where you are residing. Certain states seem to be worse if you have things under your name and in other places it doesnt seem to matter) This is done as I mentioned, via years of psychological warfare, making the TI feel like they are somehow ripping off society or that they owe society for something. I guess this is akin to a prison mentality. You owe society some great debt..and that impression is internalized by the target and is used to get under thier skin. And into thier head.

So you are made to feel like a criminal bum who needs to do right when really you are the victim. When you do what you are being harssed into doing to conform or 'go straight' the system uses that to victimize you further.

Gaining control of the target is the number one main reason that the TI must be made to feel like a criminal. vilifying the victim is the only way for the system to gain full control and minimize damage from either true justice or retaliation from the victim.

When you put yer name on anything as well as make payment tracable this system now can use that info to mess with you further. Over time the TI just becomes tired of trying to do everything stealthfully. And besides, you feel like you should be able to be like normal people and live normally.

Its only wishful thinking at best. The only way the system might allow this to happen is if you give in fully to behavior modification which is that broken feeling, that feeling of what I described as a soul extraction. Living as just an empty vessel a body with no life in it.
The system believes that if you give in to behavior modification such as this, then you will heal and that wound will heal while the system takes care of all. You will depend on the system the way its set up to make your decisions for you and fulfill all your needs and eventually that wounding and that missing Self and soul will be replaced by (thier idea of ) 'love' from others and society at large (socialization) as well as being fused into the hive mind. You then will have truly nothing to fear as you now have nothing to hide.

This system takes that motto to extremes. People dont realize how many catch phrases like this and words out of authorities mouth are akin to seeing the tip of an iceburg and not percieving what is underneath. When Obama says "isolated extremeist" people in the know understand how much is likely behind that catch phrase. What authority is using it for, what is really behind the situation in question- causes motives, cover up etc. People should be very leary of these easy phrases, that sell away reality and complicated problems. Packaging such things like a breakfast cereal so as to avoid any close inspection or use of reason. That is why such phrases always smack of not being connected to reality..'pro active', 'isolated extremist', 'if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about'..or perhaps an older but still relavant one: WHAT YOU DONT KNOW CANT HURT YOU.
Liars love that one best.

Lying nowadays and commiting crimes against the people is done by an authority that has somehow made itself appear exemplary and corruption free while under examination (and out of the brainwash and intimidation zone) we clearly see that facts state otherwise. Since corruption was no longer going to be tolerated and this was the basis for a great NWO as well as much gentrification and cleaning up of communities and downtown areas, (when in fact these actions are simply globalization and part of the war on the poor)the authority with this agenda cannot appear flawed. They pull this off by militarizing the civil servant sector like all police and security as well as intimidating the public and making everyone self censoring. They obviously love themselves and the state/system as they have impressive gear and need to feel like a villainized piece of sh*t becuz the new and improved authorities say so. Shiny cops with many shiny new toys and YUPPPies living downtown who look and smell better than you CANT possibly be wrong. Queen's We Are the Champions is playing in the backround as these perfect people, common societies betters take their rightful place at the helm of our nation.

Human value is sooo passe and elitism is for everybody! All one need do is have the right attitude, enough assets and join the system and stand my its agenda. Elitism is no longer for the truly wealthy, the genuinely well bred, the talented or highly intelligent. Elitism is a cult where, being politically correct, is for every class, race, religion or gender. You just need to meet the requirements.
THIS is good and THIS is what is right.

Actuallly THAT is cult mind control and its working very well across our nation if not the whole world. Another watchword 'the hovering parent' fits in so well with this enslavement of mankind as it will create a natural spy culture in children as they become adults, that one needs to look at the genius of all of it.
Again 'helecopter parents' is a catchphrase that ignores details and gains acceptance to the unconshus mind of humans without much consideration.

These phrases are designed it looks like, to gain maximum head room with the quickest possible access as to avoid any examination. The ultimate viruses or parasites, you then live with these ideas or ideals alongside your normal processes and the body does not even detect an intruder or anything foriegn as it is accepted by your system so quickly and with such ease.
Other factions of society may sit and ponder or question the details of or consequences of, long term effects of 'The Hovering Parent' but most people will just accept it as the way it is or what is happening now that is valid in our society. Its just accepted that this is valid and confirmed already, yes there may be those that question it or mock it or refuse to take part but no one can stop this concept from being a part of reality. And socially acceptable.

In the end a targeted individual is a stubborn prisoner who wont become part of the cult no matter how long the oppressor locks us in the closet without food and water, rapes us, terrorizes us or denies our reality. We are the ones that 'got away' and the system, being decidedly male in nature, cannot stand the idea of that mythical big fish that snapped his line once or that legendary big game that eludes him in the woods..he must have these creatures on his wall in his cave with thier skins under his feet.

ANd he gets the female element to join him by staying focused on the prpoaganda of 'think of the children', safety, antiterror and peace on earth. That is the spoonful of pablum for the ladies, the progressives or the religious. Most of the male population unofficially (in reality) knows damn well what the system is up to and from what I have seen, joins in readily in the hunting.

Putting your name on anything says 'here i am come and shoot at me'. Remember for TI's its always open season.


Anonymous said...

I also get messages from perps telling me that I am living in "shame in sorrow". Again, I'm not sure what that is about. These perps and their followers are parasites living off of my psyche and well-being. I find it funny that such a system full of assholes and bratty immature people of all ages needs to tell me I should be ashamed of myself. Quite a few TI's say they are really embarrassed for perps, their low morals and really superficial sense of the world. Any decent non-brainwashed person would be super embarrassed to be acting like those perps with their jealousy and lack of intellect, but since everyone else in collusion has the same low standards, there is nothing for them to be ashamed of. Now isolate the perps and put them on a large rock, and examine, and you'll find they can not survive, because they need someone else to feed them directions for how to act and survive, and there is no one to mock, harass, and imitate.

Anonymous said...

Interesting observation, that they want us to get jobs and "get on" with our lives. Meanwhile, if we do get hired, most of us find we can't keep the job or have to scrap with a measly part-time job. Also, our stuff gets messed with or vandalized on a regular basis, so this incurs even greater spending to replace or repair those items, while the average non-TI doesn't have to worry about this. And this is money we just don't have, because our work has been cut from under us.

But those who bow down to the whims and desires of the System get preferential treatment, even for half-assed work. The rest of us have to pay more and work less.

Anonymous said...

Good insight.

Your commentary on the role of the media and fiction reminded me of similar thoughts that I could not express as eloquently. To add, I think there are those who are well aware that we as a society have screwed up big time. There may be no happy ending in the direction the "first world" is headed, and now we're being hit with an onslaught of distractions to keep our attention away from the real issues. It's probably a reflection of my lack of reading and early childhood immersion into the plastic culture, but whenever I ponder this subject I immediately draw a parallel to the story of the Wizard of Oz. It's almost like the original author, Lyman Frank Baum, knew instinctively what was being done to the public conscience and had to say something about it. If you read his bio in Wiki you'll see an interesting reference to the reason why he had to leave the Peekskill Military Academy; a heart attack that was never confirmed.
There is also a similar story behind the author of "The Neverending Story", Michael Ende, whose father was a successful artist in Nazi Germany.

In regards to TI's using real names, I have a interesting story there. You probably have heard of Art Bell, the now retired radio host of Coast-To-Coast AM. Before I knew I was a TI, it was a fun distraction, but the hosts of this program have not been afraid to discuss what I now know are important issues such as directed energy weapons. Anyway, Art Bell regularly fielded year-end predictions from listeners and weighed them for accuracy during the same program the following year. Having just learned of my targeting months before, I was listening to the 2007 program while my radio speaker blared away beside a window I was sure was bugged by laser microphones. A caller then called in and simply said, "I predict that you will have to change your name". Art Bell could not make sense of this, but in my mind, the message was clear. As soon as I knew I was being targeted, I started writing letters to the city and the police, so my name was already well known in the perp community. My guess is that the perps would try to use this against me. But thus far, there has been no further attacks in the abuse of my name, so I continue to use it without hesitation if it means having to retain some level of credibility. However, lately I've been feeling extremely cautious about what I put out there as if I suspect that a major attack on my reputation is imminent. Time will tell.