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Thursday, March 4, 2010

response to reader comment: caving into the terror traps of brainwashing

Reader comment:
"Anonymous said...
I always wondered why perps wanted me to get a MySpace account (besides to stay in touch with those perps):
Interested in finding out what information MySpace will turn over to police and intelligence agencies about you? Cryptome, the site that has leaked "spy" manuals about Microsoft, Facebook, and Comcast, has posted what it claims are company documents that describe what MySpace will turn over to the police. It makes clear again that your private Internet life is an open book to those with a court order or subpoena.
Laws require MySpace to turn this information over to the police, in the same way it requires other sites to reveal this information. So what they're doing is not illegal. But reading the documents is a revealing window into how little privacy you have if legal authorities want to delve into your Internet use
3/4/10 12:14 AM"

Well duh. I just assume that everything I do is monitored or hacked into technically illegally but if its the state or govt or international authorities..whatever big brother is calling himself nowadays,(really for TI's, such authority is abused and that is all we need to know,.Even if its court ordered for some other reason, the 'bad guys' have access to our info.) can get into anything. Do research on what diplomats have to do to make communications private..start from THAT point as a target..not your average person's privacy level. Why wud it be logical for you to think you were going to get a regular citizens privacy level? You are targeted remember? The system is abusing its authority dont you recall? The beauty of this is that anything you put out into cyberspace for the public to see is now all over the place. The game is this: put so much info out publically that any idiot can get to it. Then you are taking the edge of data collection away from the system who gain power through not only knowing things most people dont about you, but then feeding everything to the smear people so that they can manipulate information and create deceptions that are based on facts and info but are not truths. Remember the recipe: 99 % truth and 1% lies..something like that. All it takes it to twist information to create untruth and deception meant to be used in pychological warfare. So why give a sh*t if they can look at everything in your computer or on the internet.?The only thing they can do for a frame up, is to make it look like you are going to porn sites that are very questionable. If you dont know you are targeted then someone may do this at your computer on purpose or I am sure there is a way to hack into your system and set it up.
Some perps tried this with me in the beginning: I was looking up Johnny Gosch and related subject matter..and the perp (posing as a fellow TI) scared me with "Well why were you looking up pictures of young boys tied up?" and when I said it was the Johnny Gosch website she went to: ""You said George Bush as a pedophile!" Which I never said becuz I have no proof of that and also I am not concerned with that..also its a very common claim by certain survivors of programming. She made sure she terrorized me with this over the phone. OVER THE PHONE LINE. DURING THE HEIGHT OF THE WAR.

You are falling into the hands of the terrorists when you give into fear. What you are worrying about is not what they will find, but that they have to ability to snoop. I dont know if you are a male or female but if you are a male you may not have the kind of information about being vulnerable that women gain throughout a lifetime in these bodies. One is always vulnerable to attack. One is always playing games of control with the aggressor. Men will always be able to rape women. Its a fact of being in a weaker body that is built to recieve. Are you going to walk around with a chastity belt on or never go outside? Women learn that for the most part we are subjected to men's aggressions daily. Even too long of a stare from guys on the street as one passes feels like an unwelcome encounter. Especially when one is older and feels one deserves respect. Forget it. Since this system is run pretty much like a bunch of rapists or a boyfriend who acts like a rapist/controlling jerk in the relationship (and I mean damaging behavior that the partner doesnt want) then you better start seeking protection in numbers as well as exposure. Its about isolating the victim first and foremost. These f*ckes would tell us what to wear like the jerk boyfriend if they could. ITS ALL ABOUT CONTROL. And the more you are freaked out about the perp being able to get what he wants from you then you have fallen into a terrorists trap. The fear is what hooks you not the actions. So let them look through your MySpace..oh well. The more info they can gather the more they can put into directed conversation or sniper attacks or ambush in the middle of conversation. THis is one of the major controlers of a targeted person is to data mine constantly so that it can be repackaged and returned to the TI. The two purposes of these actions is first to let you know that you are still being monitored as well as they have the very best monitoring system so resistance is futile. Secondly, its to evict you from your own privacy and doing that constantly is pychologically damaging to a person. It also creates a hook inside the person that the perps and this system has all the power over you, always. In the end this creates an obidient target and furthers behavior modification.

You are making a very grave mistake by being upset over thier ability to 'see you naked'. OK so they can see you naked. OK so they rape you and have access to you anytime they like. What can you do? Telling is something they dont like. This lets the world see THEM naked and gives YOU the control. I also dilutes their actions over you as you are letting the world see you and not giving a shit. Sorry but alot of this is based on what is used in prisons as well as POW camps to brainwash people. We all know damn well what goes on in prisons and the POW camps are probably worse. Men- humans will abuse sex, sexuality and the sex instinct to gain power over other humans and they will do so brutally if necessary to gain control. All advertising that is mind control is based on sex and death. These are very powerful forces that affect humans individually and collectively and they are very hard to master.
If you are a dude you better start reading up on chick vulnerabilities as this is the way TIs are treatedd. Like captive victims where the system has the upper hand all the time. And this system desperately wants to bond with you over this. They want to 'fuck' you until you love them. Until you give in to the police state, and forgive all corrupt authority. You do not get fun sex games where the 'fun' is you having control over the situation with a trusted other. THIS is unpleasant as hell and its very damaging. The main damage is done via the fact you DONT have any control and the perps have made it clear that they hate you, want to destroy who you are, and dont care if you live or die. They want to degrade you until that level of 'love' and bonding with them is acceptable to you.

I had a myspace and I erased it due to my vids not loading. It was all about travel and had no GS content. So let them see..they are f*ckin obsessed with us..and you have met some of the foot soldiers have you not? Do they seem like the kind of people you would want to hang out with?? Like AT ALL? Dude this is like the worlds most desperate club of people trying to feel popular..its also filled with kiddie sex offenders I notice and so you are going to get the same treatment that they give thier other victims. My grandmother still spies through my mother's things and she is 50 years old. Becuz when you have enough dirt to destroy a whole family and get the bread winner put away or killed via vigilantism, the aggressors accomplices have to make you feel like you did something wrong. You are being controlled becuz the family knows that society thinks its wrong to have sex with your kids at 6 years old and such. So the victim must be spied on, controlled and vilified. The person that sustained the most damage must always be controlled the most especially if they show a rebellious or survival streak.
My mother has dirt on that family for life..they HAVE to control her. Even at 50. We as TI's will be controlled for life as that is just what pedophiles do..and also due to us knowing too much about something or someone or something the system did to us during the gang stalking campaigns, like sick human experimentation.
It sounds outlandish but its not surprising to me that the perps are supposedly satanic in nature a well as basically pedophiles, tied into prostitution, black market economy and military or other organizations with so much power no one can stop them or expose them.
They want to brainwash you so that you feel you did somethig wrong instead of them paying for thier crimes or being exposed.
People in this society see pedophiles as the bogey man..they really dont exist and when they do get exposed or caught its not the norm, its a very random and unusual event or occrurance. If you actually wanted the USA or any Judeo-Christian country to believe that there is a huge network of human slavery out there, that ties into kiddie rings or prostitution but that is just the tip of the iceburg, no one is going to believe you. People don understand taht humans have to fight to be more than animals..they see the civilized human as the norm, not the human animal as the norm or base of human existence. They are surrounded by proof and still they disbelieve. Its just easier for them to enjoy the 60 or so years on this planet as much as possible by ignoring injustices.
So now you know that no one cares..I mean most people dont care. So why should you care then? about any of this or what the perps know or dont know? They are abusing thier authority to begine with...why respect thier power AT ALL? F-*-C-K T-H-E-M.
You've suffered enough already if you are reading this. Dont give them anymore. They want to be the best in show and they take pride in the system of spying they are in. Many of them seem to see the TI as someone who is controlled. THIS is what they are happiest about for the most part. They dont care if the system is right or wrong..they will use whatever cover story rationale the sysetm is using to control and destroy the person. Perps arent as evil as they are stupid and ineffective. Yer dealing with a corrupt mob my friend and they deal in some shady sh*t that is big money. They are NOT going to let anyone get in the way.

Love yourself..make love to your damn self in mirrors and make sure they see you. Love yourself and be secure in yourself or in who you are. They HATE this with the most passion I have yet encountered. All this supposed jealousy is just punishment for you loving yourself and being secure so the system cannot enslave you..its purely business. They can get what they want from you for the agenda so you are penalized.
Cultivate sexual fantasies about making love to yourself or having the opposite sex 'you' make sweet love to the body you are in now. This is so ultimately absurd of a power trip that you will cancel any power trips they will think they can get away with.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, i certainly am fed up enough with the myspace censorship to move my blogging elsewhere. Honestly, my myspace page started out in more innocent times in search of a man and warped into this NWO research hub with bulletins and whatnot. Now it's just a censoring pain in the ass. They censored the link to this blog and they did it pretty recently, it worked at first. You are so right tho. I just seriously love myself so much the perps gave up and employed more subtle tactics (which I will eventually blog on). The key is the heart and staying true to the self even when you realized you've NOT been true to yourself. Self forgiveness must be instantaneous for a TI to survive.