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Friday, March 5, 2010

'concentrated sound' in noise campaigns/ tech induced disorders wud make big $ for pharma

As you can probably tell San Diego is literally a living hell when it comes to remote influence. Jammed during the day as well as so much 'interference' and activity on this front getting anything significant done is next to impossible.

Its no wonder there are so many homeless and mentally ill here as I have determined that this place creates those conditions moreso than helps them. This place must be a big pharma goldmine.

I got woken up at arond midnight here where I am staying. It was this weird scenerio where an orchestra of coughing women near my section was joined by the staff not being able to get up or sit down without making a sound against the floor with the legs of thier metal chairs. Also at the same time the door to outisde had alot of activity and no one seemed to be able to close it quietly.

This all calmed down after I was fully woken up. I notice that the door stopped having activity that was such a constant flow of people in and out and now the door is beng closed carefully as to reduce noise.
Also after I was woken up for sure the staff sat quietly for a while at the front quietly. All men on tonight. So an all male staff sat very still and quiet after I was woken up with a barrage of noise as described.
Within the last hour I have noted that thier chairs no longer make any sounds when they get up or sit down. They seem to get up very carefully as to not move the chairs.

And the coughing that sounded unaturally long winded off to my left by multiple persons ceased. If there is coughing now its random, with more natural, varied lengths of cough time and more varied sound. Everything has returned to random, natural occurence.
Its most notable that the mutliple noise occurence ceased when it became clear that I was fully woken up with no chance of returning to sleep.

THere is a drunk woman who bumps into the bed but it seems random.

As i write this I hear a police cruiser giving a small toot of that annoying horn they have nowadays which just sounds like a flat monotone, very tech based noise. You know the sound. I wonder how many tests they did to find out what tone and texture wud have the most affect on humans as that sound does now. And its so obvious in screaming "we have the power- we have different and special car horns taht you dont have that sound like big machines..or something used to herd cattle" It is a psychological make policemans horns unlike civilian horns.

Now as I am writing this a helicopter is flying very low up to the left. (1:45 am) I am very conshus of its presence. It seems to have some sort of influence. Then it went off to my right for a moment (1:52 am).

Now it has gone (1:54 am).

A civilian horn was just heard making multiple beeps quickly as it passed..but not beeping twice or in any pattern. It could be random or part of this pattern over the last 20 minutes. Its the timing that is suspect in this case due to the sound not fitting a pattern.
Beeping twice has been used since 1996. It is still used in places where there is not alot of gang stalking activity, probably to really reel me back in from the original conditioning and make sure I keep recalling just how long this has been going on. So they use an original conditioning sound, one that is probably the original first sound used on me as a target.

Beeping twice has been used at Rachaels day shelter by cars driving by the gate. Its probably the best they can do downtown. But so many women there are homeless or from the urban camping population (sleep outside) that any of them could also be targeted using such methods as well as that particular hook sound.

This in music is actually called a 'hook'. Its a sound that attracts the listener like a dumb lab rat and gets the person addicted to it or to crave that sound. The sound may or may not represent anything but used as it is in the classical conditioning campaigns of gangs stalking, it hooks the listener by force not by desire or attraction.

As an artist one can be rapist or seducer. EIther expressing lets say venus energies or martial ones. Attraction or assertion.

The first example uses attraction on the listener and the listener even though dumbed down at that point to a brainwashed animal, does get something out of hearing that sound over and over.

The way its used on a targeted person as victim of classical conditioning is to have a sound used repetitively under certain conditions as to carefully construct an association in the targets mind with that exact sound. Its forcing the association onto the also wields fear as this serves to let the TI know that the gangs stalking system just outside, always around and can make contact at any time.
And it basically reminds them who is in charge.

Beeping twice was used specifically at that day shelter. When it became common knowledge that I sat near the back gate to plug in my computer I started to note beeping twice being used again.

If the association is strong enough it actually feels as if the gang stalking system is physically reaching into the building where the TI is residing and touching them. This is the power of psychological warfare. It crosses all physical place on earth is going to be safe if these tactics are used.

Its also worth noting that when I got woken up the stress from the multiple noises was so great that I had chest pains and a tightness/heaviness in a small part of my chest area over my heart.

This might be the stress reaction NOT under my control as my allergic reaction to Bactrim has made all stress reactions the severe. And I reacted to the stress without being fully awake so did not have conshus time to control it.

Also the doors are closed tonight due to it being cold and perhaps this has worsened my alleriges.

The thing that is interesting to ponder is that when such a barrage of noise happens at once then ceases was it all planned then executed or are the participants all victims of remote influence and if you asked them why they made noise with thier chairs only during that short span of time when so many other noises were occuring, would they honestly not recall why they did what they did or had not taken note conshusly of their actions?

What occured is what I call 'concentrated sound'. Its a small time frame but its very concentrated with multiple sounds being used in a small time frame with each sound having mueh frequency and volume. Not enough to register as overly 'noisy' as this is achieved via employing multiple sounds, so that its not possible to complain about something being 'too noisy'.

I am not doubting my perception that a little noise campaign just occured as i have been targeted long enough to know what is orchestrated and what is random, but to wonder if the participants are even conshus of it or thier part in it is the most curious thing.

That is where the system gets you. That is where they come to control you through terrorism: If you ignore all this and write it off you are falling into being in denial and this is the road directly to being brainwashed into forgetting, memory loss and giving into behavior modification.

If you DONT ignore it and write it off as I am doing, you start to crack under the strain of wondering just how its pulled off and most maddening- are the participants conshusly 'in on it' or are they being mind controlled during those moments.
I have seen enough over a 7 year period to know that remote influence via tech has the capacity to influence human behavior to do so.

I have also seen human greed and disregard for human life as also making such activities possible.

BOTH are feasible.

I was woken up at 12 midnight and I notice that I am now thinking clearly and as usual when I awaken after 12 midnight to 6 am, I am wondering what the hell am I doing in a homeless shelter under these really messed up conditions and why the hell didnt i fully go after Olnick in a lawsuit for the mold that messed me up to badly and why the hell havent I sought justice for myself for me being brought down to low? And why the heck am I not taking care of my health?

WTF? I would never have let myself go this doesnt seem to make sense.

Until the light of morning comes...until 6am. Then everythng is just fine, I forget its so bad I forget much of what I need to get done, and that disguting fake ass 'happy' feeling is with me again, making the further destruction of my health and my life seem hunky dory somehow. Its 'all good' during the hours of 6am to 12 midnight.

I think that just as this system is documented as having invented and perfected the 'voice of god' technology, they have also perfected the 'feeling of God' or 'protected by God/with God' technology. This makes being murdered in such a manner alot easier to deal with and it also makes pressing issues or important decisions seem unimportant.

Whats to worry about today? 'God' is with you or some similar benevolent force plus yer mind is jammed anyway so you cant recall clearly or focus strongly on anything anyway.

Induced psych conditions like ADD or ADHD would make alot of money for big pharma..just like the antivirus companies who create the viruses to sell their product.
Just a theory. But what I am experiencing is NOT jsut a theory.

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B9 said...

The issue of how much a person is aware of the effects of their actions on you is of major concern to me. The degree of their awareness of this makes me wonder just how much of a deliberate perp one realy is.

The thing is that if they can be used unintentionally, then so can I. This might help to explain why, at times, things I say to others end up making more since then I intended but in a bad way that makes me look conniving if I don't own up to the secondary meaning. It's frustrating. Because I understand why they took it that way and I also understand that there's no damn way I can prove that's not what I meant. I don't think I'm doing it to people as much now as before but that's probably because I'm well under psychological quarantine. I do accept that, even when I mean what I say, I can still piss people off but repeated instances of the unintentional stuff screws with my head. If this is happening to many of those thought to be perps, then it's like we're being turned against each other.

I haven't stopped trusting my own judgment but I'm just thinking, no matter how dangerous that might be.

Thanks for talking about it.