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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, March 13, 2010

TI guide to homelessness blog post 3-13-10

Becuz I am so far gone lately I am really using these blogs as a sounding board as I dont have any close support. I also seem to gain assistance in some way if I keep connected in this way. I really hate using this as my journal as its supposed to be just for educational purposes. In some places are so horrendous to deal with that I need to use the blogs for this as I cannot readily fight the effects of either outright stalking and harassment or what seems like remote influence from tech or other means.

I was awakened last night again at around 3 or 4. This seems like my normal sleeping habit even back at 335 Washington st in Brighton MA. Its good for being able to experience not only quiet and darkness-stillness in the outdoor environment and people sleeping around me but the obvious lack of influence from what TI's believe is tech due to great progress in technologies in the past few decades.

I never thought about the idea that I am such a sensitive that I am reacting to the collective conshusness of a population around me. I do feel much better when in a city at certain times of day like dusk when there are very few people roaming around and nightime when the sun is gone and the energy is more fun and people are hunting a good time. Dusk is wonderful, as the light is not bright yet. It just looks more normal, a smaller amount of people around. I just wonder if there are so many humans on the planet that its causing a world wide anxiety at least for some of us. Too many minds and to many energy fields at once....I dont know.

As usual this morning was the bliss of mental NON activity. Of no interface, no ideations, no visions, no feelings of anxiety or mental jamming. Just ME and the cool, quiet dark which is always like a wonderful empty canvas. I always hated the daytime and when I did start to grow up and evolve out of that to start enjoying certain things about daytime living, the system started to come after me with gang stalking and in 2003 it became 24/7. So I dont like the daytime now as it provides the most torture but I am older and cant just stay up all night long and crash during the day anymore. Even if I could where is there a shelter where one can sleep during the day and stay up at night? There isnt one, though there should be...and it should be in a steel and concrete structure with metal roofing. Thats my damn fantasy at this point. A frickin TI shelter, and everyone who comes to stay there is screened in a grey area so that no one gets harassed with psychological warfare bs.

At night in this shelter however I do experience what seems like very mild shocks before falling asleep but that has been going on wherever I sleep for a few years now. My limbs will actually flex like in a reflex test.
And I feel observed there. Not by any one who is there physically either. This feeling leaves me when I get out of the shelter and on the street outside.

There are plenty of shelters I have felt this same feeling and one of them was Joy Junction but you can see the cameras there, overtly on the walls. At least they have that much decency to let you see your being observed.

Again it might be remote ideations from some other source.

(I have been pretty impressed most of the staff at this place and they dont mess with people. They mind thier business and most of the residents do to.One can sleep if needed. Pretty chill.Safe.)

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Anonymous said...

Actually, someone here in British Columbia, Canada is setting one up.
Here's a message from the founder:

(you have to remove the extra space I put in the address)