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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Unmanned spy planes used on Mex border related to org stalk/harass

I saw a news story tonight related to this on tv in the Tent:

I notice that San Diego news compared to Boston is pretty dumbed down with very simple subject matter. But when it comes to any content to do with military I notice you get more content here than one would back east. The formula is this: tell the sheep (who dont care for politics) out here how its GOING to be and dont tell the people back east who are into thinking about things and having plenty of protest about it. Fill thier news conent with other things to keep thier busy minds occupied.

Also, I believe this being a largely military area, retired and otherwise, that explains the content being all of sudden NOT about fluff or bs.

The story was posed as a total biased piece. Its so good for the nation, its good for national security.
What I liked about it was it showed me exactly how these things work and that they can see you but that the plane is 5 1/2 miles out so YOU cant see IT. Also its showed that weather such as fog and clouds have the ability to stop thier survaillence dead so they loose sight of all activity.
(Which means two things:
-we are being ripped off as we should demand they fix that before paying contractors for those toys
- its obvious as can be that the very reason they showed that there is capacity for sight to be lost or survaillence to be interrupted at all was to show that if need be, sight can be lost on purpose if something needs to be pulled off. I am sure arranging that would be quite easy...plotting a trail under cloud cover on purpose...whatever. Its interesting that they had to show us in the demonstration for the public that clouds could get in the way of the planes doing thier jobs properly.
What this equals in total is that whoever runs these planes has total control via survaillence as well as any 'oops' moments of 'mistakes' that could happen..on cue I am assuming.

From what I have seen in this lifetime, total control means overt as well as control over covert.
The combination of the two affords those in the know total control.

The bit about the cloud cover and fog was interesting from a TI perspective due to my posting experiences around the nation with remote influence as well as other things involved seeming interupted by weather such as snow or clouds or especially thunder storms.

For TI's this can explain alot of what may be used to survaille. Just seeing it made me feel more validated in what I have been experiencing in the last many years. It seems that if one is not part of socially acceptable society, a gated community or a gentrified YUPpy community or an office or condo building with central air or part of something legit that one is treated much like these immigrants.

And I have mysteriously 'forgotten' over these last days to mention that at night a helicopter goes over The Tent many times over and over and also has hovered in one place and lingered for a time. Its most nights and its around 10pm-12am. Sometimes they fly very low.

And this is a place where seeing a military type copter at least once a day is not unusual during daylight hours so it poses the question as to what kind of copter are they using, police or military and for what purpose. From my bizarre experiences in this life, they can do more than just look believe me. They can scan and believe it or not- waterboard to get information without even touching you. Yes, this did happen to me in St Louis MO. It has not happened since but evertime I know that there is a low flying copter and especially it may be is happening all over again. It will never go away for me. Especially since part of keeping me quiet as a victim witness during the federal investigation was having a black helicopter fly right near a window of a hotel I was staying in in Waltham MA of all places. It was somewhere in MA and I am almost 100% sure it was Waltham. This is around the time where the TV always kept switching by itself and other totally bizarre electronic malfunctions.
I wont even go into how helicopters flying low are used as harassment after the TI has been sensitized to them being used as part of the campaign. Black helicopters and white vans. Arent they just so neat and tidy.

Get ready for a mess you motherf*ckers. How dare you. Who do any of these people think they are, ruining MY life. And now that they have destroyed so much in the USA they want to sell us protection via more toys. Its just gone way to far at this point...and most of the public just does NOT know or they have been truamatized into a stupor.

I am never going to say 'wake up and get ready for..' like some sort of revolt or take over. That is the paranoia of the cold war 80's and the music of Mike and the Mechanics for that era. The real deal, when it comes down as it is now, is done so stealthfully that you dont hear it or see it or if you do you cant stop it. And all that takes to counter is strength of Will and of mind. Just to be aware of what is transpiring is enough. Intelligence and staying aware will piss them off more than anything else you can think of. There have been protests around the world for years now and its the continuation of the last hurrah my Gen X had in Seattle, where after that they sort of pronounced us dead and brought in Bush where then anyone from EarthFirst was a terrorist etc etc and so on. Before that time when Gen X told the cops 'the world is watching' that was true..with the Rodney King video it was definately true. But when one protester made that statement to a cop during that protest in the late 90's the cop's response was "No, they are NOT actually".
Dont be naive,. These are not the rubber soul wearing flat foots of the old days. These people are a force fully associated with psychological warfare and social control through media etc. Obviously by that statement he KNEW what time it was...time to bring in facsism. And it worked..all the way through the next administration.

If you look at YouTube for news content like that you'll see protests in many countries around the world. They just dont show them on the news here.

They would rather show you a bunch of people who are actually descended from the Natives of the America's trying to get onto thier own Native land while a bunch of immigrant Europeans keep them out. I understand that statement is naive and childish as far as politics goes but its written to demonstrate how humans can readily live in unreality and stand by a lie or an injustice becuz it is convenient or 'the way it is now'. Just becuz something is 'the way it is' does not mean it is logical or truth. Understanding that the USA is now a country not belonging to its native inhabitants due to the immigrant Europeans pretty much establishing the USA as a valid reality even though its stolen for the most part so legally shouldnt even exist...but to allow another precedent to be set by letting what is happening continue to go on is unecessary.

Lets draw the line in the sand NOW before it goes any further and becomes 'the way it is' becuz I know what these bastards are doing and that is what they are aiming for. It will be just like nuclear that everyone has them they are here to stay.

All this tech used for security would be just fine if there wasnt such capacity for gross misuse and abuse covertly.

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AJH said...

I like that planted disinformation; the border patrol's UAV not being able to see through cloud cover. Just feeding more BS to the sheep, and seeing if they notice, or perhaps, attempting to capture the cloudy day/night border crossings.