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Saturday, March 13, 2010

More on mold exposure and mycotoxicosis

"Some of these natural mycotoxins include a very strong class known as trichothecenes. Trichothecenes are also produced by several common molds including species in the genera Acremonium, Cylindrocarpon, Dendrodochium, Myrothecium, Trichoderma, and Trichothecium. The trichothecenes are potent inhibitors of DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, and have been well studied in animal models because of concern about their potential misuse as agents of biological warfare, due to their ability to destroy human health (mentally and physically), and never appear in an autopsy."

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Medawar said...


For the highest profile suspected victim of deliberate fungal poisoning so far.

Whatever was done to John Smith, QC MP, was a lot more rapid than a fungal toxin: but then time was critical in his case. He had to die when Tony Blair's supporters were ready for a leadership election and all the other contenders were not. So he did.

In Gaitskill's case, all of the probable replacements would have suited the KGB equally well. Even so, his health collapsed and he died within a year. In Smith's case, he was anti-corruption and this gave many a motive to be rid of him, but it really does seem as if somebody powerful wanted Blair to replace him and no-one else.